KCN Nantan Co., Ltd. Notice of opening of full privatization

KCN Nantan Co., Ltd.
KCN Nantan Co., Ltd. Notice of opening of full privatization
On April 1, 2023, KCN Nantan Co., Ltd. will take over Nantan City’s regional information and communication network business and make a new start with complete privatization.
In the new start, “Nantan TV”, which delivers community-based information through independent production and broadcasting channels, will continue to distribute administrative information in the same way as before, and will add and renovate three new programs. In terms of services, new services such as multi-channel television broadcasting, ultra-high-speed Internet service (1 Gbps for the time being), telephone service, etc. will be available throughout Nantan City. Through these measures, we believe that we can further correct regional information disparities in Nantan City and improve the convenience of living. We will continue to develop solutions using various ICT and continue to contribute to the local community by expanding infrastructure services in the Nantan city area.
To commemorate the opening, we will broadcast a simultaneous live broadcast program connecting each of the four areas in the Nantan City area. In addition to introducing the opening of KCN Nantan to the citizens, we will receive live messages from citizens and energetic children gathering under the cherry blossoms in full bloom in various parts of the city. Starting with this opening commemorative program, we will aim to become a “Nantan TV” that is even closer to the community and loved by the citizens.
On the same day, after the live broadcast ends, we will hold a press conference for the media companies. Thank you.
1. Implementation content
(1) KCN Nantan Co., Ltd. opening commemorative program “Local Pride ~ Live broadcast connecting the region ~”
Date and time April 1, 2020 (Saturday) 11:30 a.m. to 30 minutes (live broadcast) Venue: Nantan TV Studio – Yagicho (Oigawa riverbed, everyone involved in regional revitalization) – Hiyoshicho (Hiyoshida)
Mr. Mu Springs Hiyoshi) ~ Miyama Town (Ono Dam, Cherry Blossom Festival and local people) ~ Sonobe Town (Sonobe Elementary School) Everyone on the boys’ baseball team)
     Katsuhito Kuwahara, President and Representative Director of KCN Nantan (Guest) Nishimura, Mayor of Nantan City, Everyone in each region
*We will interview local residents to introduce them to the region and what they expect from KCN Nantan in the future.
(2) Press conference
Date and time April 1, 2023 12:30
     Venue: International House 2nd floor special meeting room *From 11:30, you can also watch the live broadcast program at this venue. Details about this release:


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