Kisui TECH Co., Ltd. Relocated the development base to Chiba University Nishi-Chiba Campus

Kisui Tech Co., Ltd.
[Kisui TECH Co., Ltd.] Relocated the development base to Chiba University Nishi-Chiba Campus
Accelerating the development of agricultural AI robots at the new office
Kisui TECH Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Kisui TECH), an agrobot startup, has moved its development base to the Nishi-Chiba Campus of Chiba University.
We have moved our development base to the Nishi-Chiba Campus of Chiba University.
[Image 1

Chiba University Nishi-Chiba Campus Entrance
The Nishi-Chiba campus also has a building that houses
industry-university collaboration departments, and the previous release, “Agrobot Startup Kisui TECH Starts Joint Research with Chiba University” (Reference URL:
/html/rd/p/000000008.000087448.html), we would like to further promote joint research with Chiba University and build a closer relationship than ever before.
[Image 2

Accommodation facility
The new development base is wider than before, and we expect that it will be possible to expand the team and conduct research and development with a sense of speed.
[Image 3

New office and developed agricultural AI robot
Also, having more space for prototype development is a great boost for the development team as they prepare for the pilot program starting in April.
[Image 4

Robots can be tested on university grounds
The Nishi-Chiba Campus is also the campus where the Faculty of Engineering is located.
Kisui TECH is looking for student part-time jobs (PR and back office) and engineering interns.
If you are interested in working among international members, please contact us. [Image 5

International Kisui TECH members and robots
Let’s empower farmers for a brighter, greener tomorrow!
▼ Recruitment
Kisui TECH is looking for members to challenge with us.
・AgTech Business Development – AgTech Business Development (1 person) [Role] Building relationships with farmers, local governments, universities and business partners, communication and sales promotion, building a business model for selling robots, etc.
・Robotics Engineer – Robotics Engineer (1 person)
[Role] Development and implementation of localization and navigation algorithms, research and analysis of AI robots, development and implementation of algorithms, etc.
・Computer Vision Engineer – Computer vision Engineer (1 person) [Role] Research and analysis of computer vision and image processing in AI robots, development and implementation of algorithms,
architecture exploration, data collection, labeling, training, identification and mapping of obstacles and drivable terrain, etc. We are always looking for interns and pro bono.
・[Chiba office work] Back office part-time job (clerical work at a start-up company) 1 to 3 days a week
・Business development (management planning)
・Marketing (market research)
・[Working at Chiba Office] Robotics Engineer
・[Working at Chiba office] AI engineer
・[Chiba office work] Manufacturing part-time job (hardware)
・[Chiba office work] Programming front & back end (UI / UX)
・Agriculture (persons with knowledge and experience in agriculture, those with knowledge of big data)
Recruitment page:
Wantedly recruitment page: ▼ Company Profile
Company name: Kisui TECH Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 6-6-40 Aramaki Aza Aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Development Center: 1-33 Yayoi-cho, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba Prefecture 1-102 Knowledge-intensive Joint Research Center, Chiba University (
Representative: Representative Director Tamir Blum
Established: September 2021
Business: AI agbot, image recognition, data science
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