Kisuke Co., Ltd. March 7 = Sauna Rice 2nd “Hot Stone Grill Series” to commemorate Sauna Day, Kisuke no Yu of Oni Sauna starts selling Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture

Kisuke Co., Ltd.
March 7 = To commemorate Sauna Day, Kisuke no Yu of Oni Sauna starts selling sauna rice 2nd “Hot Stone Grill Series” [Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture]
On March 7, 2023 (Sauna Day), the 2nd Sauna Rice “Korean
Stone-grilled Series” will be on sale

Comprehensive entertainment company Kisuke Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, Representative: Yoshinori Yamaji), which develops “Iyo no Yujiba Kisuke no Yu” in Ehime Prefecture, will release the second sauna meal “ from March 7, 2023. We will start selling the hot stone-grilled series. When you enter a hot sauna, you lose a lot of water and salt in your body by sweating a lot. It is also a pleasure after the sauna because it feels delicious.
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Sauna rice second! A hot Korean stone-grilled menu is now available! ! At Kisuke-no-Yu, we are also focusing on developing a sauna meal menu in order to provide our customers with a better sauna experience. This time, as the long-awaited second installment, we will offer a Korean stone-grilled menu. After sweating it out in the sauna, eating hot stone-grilled food warms the body and enhances the refreshment effect. ■ Super spicy mapo noodles
Plenty of spices such as doubanjiang, chili pepper, and Sichuan pepper are used, making it extremely spicy, and the flavor of hemp seeds is also strong. In addition, seasonings such as sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, and green onions are added to create a deeper flavor. Spicy mapo noodles are characterized by their spicy and rich flavor, making them an irresistible dish for those who love spicy food. ⚠ It is very spicy, so please be careful if you are not good at spicy.
■ Yakiniku bibimbap
You put rice in a stone pot, and top it with grilled meat, vegetables, egg yolk, kimchi, sesame oil, etc., and mix it in a hot stone pot and eat it. Cooking in a stone pot makes the rice crispy and charred, adding to the flavor.
Mentaiko cheese bibimbap
Traditional Korean bibimbap topped with mentaiko and plenty of cheese. The seasoning makes it easy for women to eat.
All of the above menus have been developed as sauna meals produced by kSc-kisukeSaunaclub-.
Onikara no Sa-meshi is not only spicy, but the super-spicy dishes packed with umami will surely make you addicted. Please try it once. ▼In commemoration of Sauna Day, the following events are also being held at the same time♪
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Store information: Iyo no Tojiba Kisuke no Yu
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A natural hot spring in Dogo Onsenkyo, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, which won the 2021 Nifty Hot Spring Annual Ranking No. 1 popular hot spring in the Chugoku/Shikoku area. Oni Sauna will open in June 2022 as a sacred place for Shikoku saunas. We aim to be a facility that supports saunas the best in Japan. Address: 4
Miyata-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture Kisuke BOX 1st floor Telephone: 089-921-0131 Business hours: 5:00 to 26:00 (last reception at 25:00) URL: -matsuyama/
Operating company
Company name: Kisuke Co., Ltd. Headquarters: 4 Miyata-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture Representative: President Yoshinori Yamaji Established: 1970 Capital: 20.05 million yen URL:
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