Kitayuzawa Onsen / Kitayuzawa Mori no Soraniwa Kamakura Sauna Open Commemorative Plan Poncho rental allows you to enjoy a full-fledged sauna empty-handed!

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[Kitayuzawa Onsen / Kitayuzawa Mori no Soraniwa] Kamakura Sauna Open Commemorative Plan Poncho rental allows you to enjoy a full-fledged sauna empty-handed!
Empty-handed is OK! Let’s enjoy the sauna that can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to orthodox ♪

Limited sale of the commemorative plan of the sauna that opened in March! We also rent sauna goods so that you can come empty-handed!

Kamakura sauna opened on March 1st.
In commemoration of the business, we will sell a special plan. [Image 1d19483-673-36637cea2d136777c610-0.jpg&s3=19483-673-a55fae15d9d2bc1b5f66ae2324bc6194-1280x853.jpg
Kamakura appears in the everlasting summer sauna! A new sensation sauna is installed in the outdoor pool
The kamakura sauna is attractive because both men and women can enjoy it together wearing swimsuits.
Please enjoy the authentic sauna experience together.
So introduce the recommended points of this plan!
[Image 2d19483-673-31c5fc610fb6053b62bd-3.jpg&s3=19483-673-0b2ec60e0f314a2cc22c8f1677008263-1280x853.jpg
Rental ponchos are available for rent at the shop.
☆You can come empty-handed! We have rental ponchos! ☆
A sauna poncho is a must-have item for a comfortable outdoor bath, wrapping your body at a moderate temperature after a sauna.
However, I think that buying a poncho is a bit of a hurdle for some people. Therefore, we have a rental poncho!
Please enjoy an experience different from the usual sauna.
And if you like the sauna using this sauna poncho, we also sell it at our shop! The shop is open from 14:00 to 21:00.
The Kamakura Sauna holds fun events every day.
In particular, the Kids Time event, where children can participate, is being held every day! Enjoy the sauna with your family.
[Image 3d19483-673-6b019888fe77e6e2b50e-1.jpg&s3=19483-673-44ad7d3a33dafa8b9a003336c98b3269-1280x853.jpg
Fire a water gun at the target with everyone!
[Image 4d19483-673-d6dddfe0c4f9a9110e39-2.jpg&s3=19483-673-8584e4dd51d0c7bf468b9e0a3e87279d-1280x853.jpg
There is also a fun kids time for children!
*Rentals are not available from 11:30 to 14:00 as it is outside the business hours of the shop.
*Please bring your own swimwear. (We also rent for a fee)

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