KIYORA Co., Ltd. Loft will also be on sale from Saturday, March 4!            Multifun ctional whitening body care “Phytomie White Milk”

KIYORA Co., Ltd.
Loft will also be on sale from March 4th (Sat)!
Multifunctional whitening body care “Phytomie White Milk”

KIYORA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuko Koga) has launched a multifunctional whitening body care product, PHYTO/ME, based on the concept of PHYTO (plants) x MEDICATED (medicinal use). White Milk” will be released at LOFT nationwide from Saturday, March 4, 2023.
*Some stores do not carry this item.
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PHYTO (plant) x MEDICATED (medicinal)
PHYTO/ME = “Be yourself, be yourself”
Our skin changes day by day with lifestyle and age.
That’s why I want to choose carefully.
I want to enjoy body care more freely and greedily.
With that in mind, we focused on “plants” nurtured by the blessings of nature. “Phyto/ME”, a “medicated” body care product using technology based on dermatology, was born.
Time is multifunctional. A body milk that approaches various skin problems is born
While there are products that specialize in one function, PHYTO/ME focuses on “multifunctional whitening”.
Approaches all the troubles of UV rays, dryness, and rough skin, which are the enemies of beautiful skin.
We have developed a body milk that aims for transparent whitening skin. Easy whole body whitening care with this one product
Formulated with two active ingredients, “whitening” and
“anti-inflammatory”, and beauty moisturizing ingredients derived from plants.
It can be used not only for hands and feet, but also for delicate areas such as the bust, underarms, and V-line for whole body whitening care.
Because it is a multifunctional whitening product, you can take care of such problems!
[Dullness care]
Gives moisture and transparency to delicate zones, underarms, V-line, elbows and knees after hair removal.
[After sunburn care]
Keeps skin healthy after sunburn, which has been damaged by dryness caused by UV rays.
◆ Product Features
Active whitening ingredient “placenta extract (1)” x rough skin prevention active ingredient “dipotassium glycyrrhizinate”
“Placenta extract (1)” suppresses the generation of melanin, which causes spots, and prevents spots and freckles. In addition to whitening, you can expect a wide range of beauty effects such as firmness and gloss. “Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate” is an ingredient with excellent anti-inflammatory effect, and prepares the skin to a healthy state. It is also recommended for those who are prone to rough skin and those who do not want to put a burden on their skin. Contains moisturizing ingredients “collagen” and “hyaluronic acid” x botanical ingredients
A beauty ingredient known for its high moisturizing effect. It blends easily into skin that is concerned about dryness, leading to moist and smooth skin.
It also contains plant-derived moisturizing ingredients such as aloe extract, shea butter, and soybean extract. Penetrates every corner of the stratum corneum and gives the skin a fresh and transparent feeling.
Non-sticky, smooth milk type
It has a smooth texture and is suitable for full-body massage. It is a body milk that is easy to use even in summer because it blends well with the skin and does not feel sticky after application. Fragrance of relaxing soap
The scent of refined musk and soap spreads. You can use it as a share cosmetic with a unisex fragrance that you will never get tired of. For everyday relaxation.
〇 Transparency: by moisturizing care 〇 Whitening: Suppresses the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles 〇 Dullness: by dryness
〇 After-sunburn care: Prevents hot flashes after sunburn 〇 Aloe extract (2): moisturizing ingredient 〇 Shea butter: fat ingredient 〇 Soybean extract: moisturizing ingredient

【Product Summary】
Product name: Phytomie White Milk -Quasi-drug-
Brand name: Medicinal body milk C-B
Contents: 250mL
Body price: 1,200 yen excluding tax (1,320 yen including tax) Release date: Saturday, March 4, 2023
Sales location: Sales start at Welcia and LOFT nationwide
*Some stores do not carry this item.
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【how to use】
Take an appropriate amount and apply it to the areas of concern. [PHYTO/MEHP]
[PHYTO/ME instagram]
Details about this release:

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