Konica Minolta Japan Co., Ltd. Introduced MA tool “Print Bal” for printing industry to Kyoei Media

Konica Minolta Japan Co., Ltd.
Introduced MA tool “Print Bal” for printing industry to Kyoei Media Introduced MA tool “Print Bal” for printing industry to Kyoei Media
Konica Minolta Japan Co., Ltd. (hereafter Konica Minolta Japan) has introduced Print Bal, a cloud service that provides print media-linked digital marketing to Kyoei Media Co., Ltd. (hereafter Kyoei Media). Introduction background
While Kyoei Media has been promoting businesses that catch up with trends, such as the digital signage business and the operation of its own media, it felt that the sales method was still analog, and a few years ago, it decided to introduce another company’s marketing automation ( MA) tool has been introduced.
However, due to lack of in-house digital marketing know-how, we could not find a good way to use it, so we considered switching to the MA tool that was in our company again and decided to introduce Print Bal. Evaluated points
・Be able to nurture existing customers
・ I felt that the support after introduction was generous and systematic marketing could be implemented
・Be a service that leads to strengthening of employees’ marketing thinking Konica Minolta Japan was evaluated for its ability to provide a wide range of high-quality support, from cultivating basic knowledge of marketing to considering measures, through the introduction of “Print Bal” so that even customers who are new to digital marketing can use it with peace of mind. it was done. By using “Print Bal” to consider specific measures that suit their company, they were able to learn marketing knowledge, and they realized the effect that they were able to strengthen the marketing thinking of the members.
■Comment from the person in charge of Kyoei Media
When we first introduced the system, we appreciated the marketing knowledge, experience, and quality of the advice given by the person in charge of our company. We didn’t know anything about marketing at all, but thanks to the specific advice we received, we were able to imagine a successful image.
Kyoei Media Print Bal introduction case study
https://www.konicaminolta.jp/business/products/graphic/cloud-service/printbar/user_case/kyoeimedia.html [Image

About Print Bal
“Print Bal” is a service that enhances marketing effectiveness by combining a digital approach with a real approach using print media such as flyers and direct mail.
This is a service for printing companies that can build strong relationships with their clients by not only taking orders for printed materials but also supporting sales promotions. Operation starts from a “small start” with less burden, and we solve problems together for service diversification and new business development, and support the creation of new value.
Printbar Product site: https://www.konicaminolta.jp/pr/printbar [Customer Inquiries]
Konica Minolta Japan, Inc. Professional Print Division
Print Solution Sales Management Department Print DX Sales Promotion Department marketing_dx@gcp.konicaminolta.com
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