LAMMAS Co., Ltd. Cheese specialty store LAMMAS opens at Isetan Shinjuku 2023 Isetan France Exhibition!

LAMMAS Co., Ltd.
[Cheese specialty store LAMMAS] opens at Isetan Shinjuku [2023 Isetan France Exhibition]!

Rammus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) will open a store at the Isetan Shinjuku “2023 Isetan France Exhibition”, which will be held from April 4th (Tuesday) to April 10th (Monday), 2023. We are looking forward to your visit with a selection of French cheeses. [Image 1

LAMMAS, a cheese specialty store that opened in Mishuku in April 2014, sells cheeses from all over Europe, with a focus on France, Italy, and the United Kingdom.
A cheese ripener is someone who specializes in the aging of cheese. We have our own maturing warehouse, where we carefully mature cheese while managing temperature and humidity, and performing maintenance such as flipping and brushing.
At Lammus, we want you to purchase delicious cheese and enjoy it in a delicious state.
We place great importance on delivering cheeses that have been painstakingly finished by cheese producers and maturers in distant countries in the best condition.
In order to deliver our products to our customers in the best possible condition, we have created a completely custom-made showcase and cellar for cheese, which had never existed in Japan. We focus on managing the state of cheese, and order cuts are sold by weight in the same style as the local market. We propose cheese according to the situation and each person’s preference.
[Image 2

At this year’s French exhibition, “I can’t take my eyes off you! Focus on this person and this brand!”
“Mr. Hervé Mons” is a French M.O.F. cheese ripening expert who was awarded the honorable first prize in the cheese category of the National Best Craftsman Award. He is a top runner in the cheese world who is passionate about aging cheese and continues to disseminate it. Based in the south of France, we have our own aging warehouse, and we know each cheese thoroughly and age it according to each cheese. [Image 3

This time, we will sell this matured cheese set for a limited time. Because it is a cheese that everyone has heard of and eaten, it is a set that allows you to discover the deliciousness of cheese made by a matured person. Quantities are limited, so please come early. We are looking forward to your visit with many other French cheeses. [Event details]
Date: April 4 (Tue)-April 10 (Mon), 2023
1. Special invitation day for MI Card members
April 4, 2023 (Tuesday) 1 day only
Eat-in business hours: 10:30 a.m. ~
Eat-in last order: 30 minutes before the end
2. April 5 (Wednesday) to April 10 (Monday), 2023 (6 days)
10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. each day [ends at 6:00 p.m. on the last day] Eat-in business hours: 10:30 a.m. ~
Eat-in last order: 30 minutes before the end of each day
◆Venue: Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 6th Floor Exhibition Hall 3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo
◆ TEL: 03-3352-1111
◆ Related URL: “store information”
□Sangenjaya Main Store
● Address: 2-20-5 Shimouma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
● TEL: 03-6453-2045
● Business hours:
Weekdays: 13:00-19:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 12:00-19:00
Closed: Mondays, Thursdays, and the day after a holiday
□ Roppongi Hills store
● Address: 6-12-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Roppongi Hills Residence A 1F
● TEL: 03-6447-0120
●Business hours:
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 11:00-20:00
Fridays, Saturdays, and days before holidays: 11:00-21:00
Closed: Monday
*Open if it falls on a national holiday, but closed the next day ● website
● sns official account
Twitter (@lammascheese)
Instagram (Sangenjaya store account: lammas.cheese, Roppongi Hills store account: lammas.cheese.r)
《Operating company overview》
●Company name: LAMMAS Co., Ltd.
●Established March 2014
●Head office location
2-20-5 Shimouma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0002
●Number of employees: 7
● Business content
Retail at stores, wholesale business, import of European food, event opening, etc.

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