Life is Tech Co., Ltd. “Information AI Drill” for Life is Tech’s cram school started to be provided at “Noda Juku”, a traditional cram school with 70 years of history in Aichi Prefecture.

Life is Tech Co., Ltd.
Life is Tech’s “Information AI Drill” for Cram Schools Begins to Be Provided at Noda Juku, a Traditional Cram School Founded 70 Years Aichi Prefecture

Life is Tech Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Mizuno), which handles programming education service business, will be operated by Noda Juku Co., Ltd., which celebrated its 70th anniversary in Aichi Prefecture from April 2023. To all 64 classrooms of “Noda Juku”, we will start providing “Information AI Drills”, teaching materials for cram schools that can prepare for “Information I” in common university entrance tests and regular school tests.
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In the new course of study that started in high schools nationwide from 2022, a common compulsory subject “Information I” to learn “programming” and “utilization of data” was newly established. In addition, the content of “Information I” will be incorporated as a new subject “Information” from the 2025 university entrance common test that new high school sophomores will take. As a result, many national and public universities have already announced that they will impose “Information I” as a common test subject, and while information on allotment of points is being released one after another, cram schools are also early to prepare for common tests and regular school tests. We need to create an environment.
From August 2022, Life is Tech has been providing “Information AI Drills” for cram schools, where you can learn “Information I” in earnest. Utilizing the development know-how of “Life is Tech ! Lesson”, an EdTech teaching material for “information” learning for junior high and high schools used by approximately 500,000 people, AI drills are individually optimized and repetitive learning, enjoyment It is a program that develops reliable scoring ability while covering everything from establishing basic skills to common test measures. This time, in response to the growing need for common test measures and regular school test measures, “Noda Juku” develops reliable problem-solving skills with individual optimal learning plans and teaching materials to promote self-directed learning of students. I was hired as
Life is Tech supports the learning of information literacy that will be necessary in society in the future by collaborating with “Noda Juku” and other cram schools nationwide, and contributes to expanding the future possibilities of each high school student. I will come. Features of Life is Tech’s “Information AI Drill” for Cram Schools ・Providing one-stop services from establishing basic skills to preparing for common tests
Covers all units, including “programming” and “data utilization,” where the maintenance of a specialized learning environment is an issue. AI drills identify each person’s weaknesses and provide an individually optimized learning plan that repeatedly learns weak points. Thorough repetition of output and input allows one-stop learning from regular school test measures to common test measures. ・You can learn while having fun in the programming execution environment In the “programming” unit, which many students are not good at, we have prepared a “programming execution environment” where you can learn by yourself. By repeatedly learning digital problems through digital, you can enjoy the excitement and promote essential
understanding. Develops a solid problem-solving ability for the actual entrance examination.
・It is possible to respond to questions in real time online
Life is Tech’s professional lecturers respond to questions online in real time (*). Eliminating the burden on the cram school side, you can provide regular school test measures and common test measures only with this.
* Answer in real time from 18:00 to 21:30 on weekdays
・Don’t worry even if it’s your first “Information I”! Enhanced support tools for administrators
It has an administrator function that can efficiently manage student learning and an alert function that can catch student stumbling in real time. In addition, we will support student recruitment tools such as flyers and talk script collections so that even those who are new to “Information I” can recruit students with peace of mind.
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[About Life is Tech Co., Ltd.]
Life is Tech, which is engaged in the development of next-generation digital human resources, is an EdTech company founded in 2010 with the mission of “maximizing the potential of each and every junior and senior high school student”. Our main business, “Life is Tech! Lesson”, a cloud teaching material for junior and senior high schools, is an information and programming learning service used by
approximately 500,000 people (*) at 2,650 public and private schools in over 500 municipalities nationwide. and growing. Adopted by more than 100 schools in North America, we continue to challenge ourselves to develop world-leading educational cloud services. In addition, we support digital human resource training for companies aiming to convert all employees to DX, including the largest IT / programming camp & school “Life is Tech!” In Japan, where more than 52,000 people (*) participate. Until now, we have delivered innovation education using digital to more than 1 million people (*). In 2022, we will acquire B Corp, an international certification for companies that have achieved high public interest in the fields of society and the environment. Life is Tech will continue to promote educational reforms for the next generation together with our stakeholders as a company that addresses the future of children and social issues through education.
(*)=As of September 2022
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