Majisemi Co., Ltd. Held a webinar on the theme of “Introduction to “backup” as a countermeasure against ransomware”

Majisemi Co., Ltd.
Held a webinar on the theme “Introduction to ‘backup’ as a
countermeasure against ransomware”

Majisemi Co., Ltd. will hold a webinar on the theme of “Introduction to backup” as a countermeasure against ransomware.
■ Ransomware ranked first in IPA’s “Top 10 Information Security Threats” for three consecutive years
As work styles diversify due to social conditions such as pandemics and international conflicts and the spread of remote work, the damage caused by cyber attacks is increasing.
In January 2023, IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency) announced “Information Security 10 Major Threats 2023 (Organization Edition)”, and “damage caused by ransomware” ranked first for the third consecutive year (*). That momentum shows no sign of slowing down. It will continue to be the most alarming security threat in the future.
■ The sophistication of “ransomware” that bypasses conventional defense methods Ransomware attacks, in which cyber attackers try to obtain money as ransom from companies, are becoming more sophisticated and
sophisticated year by year.
Unlike the conventional method of distributing virus-attached emails, for example, it secretly infiltrates the networks of targeted companies/organizations, demands ransoms to recover encrypted data, and steals data in advance. “Double intimidation” such as publicizing if you do not pay is increasing.
Anti-virus measures, unauthorized access measures, and vulnerability countermeasures can be considered as ransomware defense measures. However, advanced ransomware can slip through conventional defense methods, so it is necessary to take measures that consider data recovery after an attack.
■ “Backup” becomes more important as a countermeasure against ransomware Paying the demanded ransom does not guarantee that your data will be recovered or your information will not be leaked. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures including data recovery after ransomware infection.
At that time, you can rely on the “backup system”. In addition to infection prevention, we must consider reviewing conventional backup methods in order to reliably take backups in order to protect important data and systems.
Note, however, that attackers can also target the backup system itself. How should we build and operate a backup environment, which can be said to be a trump card against ransomware?
■ Introduces optimal solutions for secure backup measures based on attack cases In this seminar, we will explain the importance of a backup system as a countermeasure while introducing actual cases of ransomware attacks. In addition, we will introduce what is a secure backup necessary for ransomware countermeasures, along with specific solutions.
If you want to protect your organization from ransomware that slips through your security net, please join us.
* [Source] IPA “10 Major Information Security Threats 2023”
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Barracuda Networks Japan Co., Ltd.
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Open Source Utilization Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Majisemi Co., Ltd.
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