National Film Archive Announcement of the exhibition “Film director Nagisa Oshima 10 years after his death”

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[National Film Archive] Announcement of the exhibition “Film director Nagisa Oshima 10 years after his death”
An exhibition that reveals the footprints of film director Nagisa Oshima’s challenging intelligence and actions throughout her film life.

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Oshima Nagisa (1932-2013) is a titan film director who constantly pursues the freedom of cinema, renovating themes and styles for each film, sometimes as a rebel who digs into the dark side of society, and sometimes as an adventurer who breaks the common sense of cinema. ) has already passed 10 years since Japan lost it.
The vivid “Cruel Story of Youth” (1960) and “Nihon no Yoru to Mist” (1960) produced at Shochiku Studio in his youth, were sent out one after another based on his own production “Sozosha”. Controversial works such as “Hanging” (1968), “Boy” (1969), “Ritual” (1971), and international sensations such as “Ai no Corrida” (1976) and
“Battlefield” Merry Christmas (1983): Oshima’s works continued to provide great stimulation not only to the Japanese film industry, but also to Japanese society itself.
This exhibition, “10 Years After His Death, Film Director Nagisa Oshima,” is based on the director’s systematically left behind vast amount of work and personal materials, and explores the polyhedrons of his challenging intellect and actions. The project was supervised by Naofumi Higuchi, the editor and author of the masterpiece “Oshima Nagisa Complete Movie Treasures Collection” (2021), which brought these materials to the surface. In addition, I will overlook the fierce movie life.
10 years after his death, Nagisa Oshima’s fertile visual world and the behind-the-scenes creation of the master filmmaker, whose reputation continues to rise even after his death, will be revealed through the enormous amount of materials systematically left behind by the director himself.
・Following the composition of Naofumi Higuchi’s masterpiece “Oshima Nagisa Complete Film Treasures Collection”, which won first place in the “Movie Book Awards 2021” selected by “Kinema Junpo” magazine, and published in the same book after repeated discussions with him By exhibiting important materials carefully selected from a huge collection of materials, you can get a panoramic view of Oshima’s life in the movies.
・Among the collection of materials, each of the materials related to art director Shigemasa Toda, which until now has been said to be completely non-existent, is extremely valuable. These materials related to Oshima’s works, from “The Demon in the Midday” to “Merry Christmas on the Battlefield,” bring to light the originality of an unparalleled film artist.
・At the venue, in addition to Oshima’s theatrical trailers, you can listen to the music of five composers (Riichiro Manabe, Hikaru Hayashi, Toru Takemitsu, Minoru Miki, and Ryuichi Sakamoto) who colored Oshima’s films. You can experience the world through both video and sound.
Chapter 1. Birth, student days, and studio
Chapter 2 As the standard-bearer of the Nouvelle Vague
Chapter 3 Shochiku Resignation and Exploring Season
Chapter 4. Challenges of an independent professional creative company Chapter 5 Dissolution of Sozosha and International Activities Chapter 6 Shigemasa Toda, the aesthetic advisor of Oshima Films Chapter 7 A visionary project and his later years
Overview of the event
Exhibition name: 10 years after death Film director Nagisa Oshima English title: Film Director Nagisa Oshima
Organizer: National Film Archive
Special cooperation: Oshima Nagisa Production Co., Ltd.
Supervisor: Naofumi Higuchi
Venue: National Film Archive Exhibition Room (7th floor)
Date: April 11 [Tue] – August 6 [Sun], 2023
Closed: Mondays and May 30 [Tue]-June 1 [Thu]
Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. (last entry at 6:00 p.m.) *On Fridays of April 28th, May 26th, June 30th and July 28th, the room is open until 8:00 pm (entrance until 7:30 pm)
Fee: Adults ¥250 / University students ¥130 / Seniors 65 and over, high school students and under 18, people with disabilities (up to one attendant in principle), free for campus members
Inquiries: 050-5541-8600 (Hello Dial)
Related screening plan
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In conjunction with the exhibition planning, we will hold a special screening “10 Years After His Death: Director Nagisa Oshima”. Please check the website for details of the project.
Project name: Special Screening “10 years after his death, director Nagisa Oshima”
Dates: April 11 (Tue)-May 28 (Sun), 2023 *Closed on Mondays
Venue: National Film Archive Small Hall [B1F]
Organizer: National Film Archive Cooperation: Oshima Nagisa
Productions Co., Ltd.
Inquiries: 050-5541-8600 (Hello Dial)

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