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New habits before and after dinner! Started commercial sales of “MA-T Will Wash”

Sustainable Planning Co., Ltd.
New habits before and after dinner! Started commercial sales of “MA-T Will Wash” Japan MA-T Industry Association certified product page:

Sustainable Planning Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: All Fukui), which provides the new corona test service “Check Station” such as antigen tests, PCR tests, antibody tests, and on-site vaccinations, is a trading basic with Melodian Co., Ltd. After signing a contract, the MA-T Will Wash, which was jointly developed by dotAqua Co., Ltd., a venture company originating from Osaka
University, and melodian Co., Ltd., was certified by the Japan MA-T Industry Association and was distributed to corporations,
organizations, and individuals on its website. We have started commercial sales (bulk buying) for our customers. You can purchase at a discount by registering as a member.
Japan MA-T Industry Association certified product page:
Background of product launch
Three years have passed since the first infection with the new coronavirus was confirmed, and proper ventilation measures and gargling and washing hands have become a habit. Under such
circumstances, there is concern about simultaneous epidemics with influenza this year.
In the midst of the need to continue infection control, we have decided to handle a mouthwash that can be used safely by everyone from babies to the elderly as a cleansing mouth with a water sensation. Melodian Co., Ltd.’s “MA-T Will Wash” products have started commercial sales (bulk purchase) for corporations and groups on our website. You can purchase at a discount by registering as a member.
[Image 1

★ Features of “MA-T Will Wash”
・You can purify your mouth with the feeling of water.
・Alcohol and fragrance are not used, so it can be used by everyone from children to the elderly.
・It is hygienic and convenient to carry without the hassle of weighing. Product introduction video
“MA-T Mouthwash Potion” was introduced on TBS “News Feature”. The video introduced on TBS can be viewed on the website of the Japan MA-T Industry Association.
Please see from this address.
Japan MA-T Industry Association URL:

Information on “MA-T Will Wash”
Certified by Japan MA-T Industry Association, this is the first single-use portion type mouthwash.
It is a non-alcoholic, water-like mouthwash that can be used by everyone from children to the elderly.
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Manufacturer name: Melodian Co., Ltd.
Product name: “MA-T Will Wash”
Contents: 20 bags per box (1 box: 400 Will Wash)
*1 bag contains 20 Will Wash.
Price: We will send you a quotation each time.
Order quantity: 1 box or more
* Delivery time: We will deliver as soon as possible.
Use scene
It is available in various scenes.
[Image 3

・On the go
・Before and after meals
・After the crowd
・When you get home
・Before going to bed
and so on
[How to use] Place the contents in your mouth, rinse for 30 to 60 seconds, and then spit it out.
[Precautions] Please be careful not to drink by mistake.
How to purchase and order
Target: Only corporations, companies, and groups (individuals are not allowed) Ordering: Please contact us from the link below.
*Please register as a member.
Information on related products
We have also started selling two products of Earth Chemical Co., Ltd.’s “Aqua Create” for commercial use.
For more information, please refer to the address below.
Company Profile
Sustainable Planning Co., Ltd. aims to realize a sustainable culture and industry, with healthcare business (=health) and business activation business (=activation) as its main business areas. Business description:
1. Planning, development and provision of healthcare and medical products and services
2. Planning, development, and provision of medical products, quasi-drugs, medical equipment, medical supplies, cosmetics, food, beverages, daily necessities, etc.
3. Planning, development and provision of products and services related to IT (information technology)
Date of establishment: December 22, 2010
Representative: Representative Director Zen Fukui
Location: Ebisu Oak Village Building 5F, 2-312 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Capital: 100 million yen
Permits, etc.: Pharmaceutical sales permit number 5313220649 URL:

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