Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. A video of King dancing with all his might for the opening theme of “King Sentai King Oger” has been released!

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
“Ousama Sentai King Oger” OP theme “Zenryoku King”, a video of King dancing with all his might has been released!

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As the 47th work of the Super Sentai series, the OP theme “Zenriki King” of “Ousama Sentai King Oger”, which is being broadcast every Sunday at 9:30 am on TV Asahi, and the theme songs of 5 countries are recorded. The theme song CD “Ousama Sentai King Oger Theme Song” will be released on Wednesday, April 5th.
Prior to the release of the CD, a video of King Sentai dancing with all his might to “Zenriki King (TV size)”, which is being
downloaded/streamed, has been released on Nippon Columbia’s official YouTube channel.
The dance choreography is in charge of Takashi Deguchi, who was in charge of singing the ED theme “Kiraful Miracle Kiramager” of “Mashin Sentai Kiramager” (2020). Takashi Deguchi, who is also active as a nursery school artist, has created a choreography that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.
In the dance video, the kings of the Ousama Sentai appear and poses that make use of the individuality of each character are incorporated at key points. When you enjoy dancing with your family and friends, we hope you enjoy incorporating the poses of your favorite characters. Title: “King tried to dance with all his might”
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The theme song CD will be released on April 5 (Wednesday) as a CD album containing 12 songs, including the opening theme, the theme songs of the five kingdoms that appear in the work, and their original karaoke!
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▌Product information
Title: King Sentai King Oger Theme Song CD
Release date: Wednesday, April 5, 2023
Price: 2,750 yen (2,500 yen without tax)
Product number: COCX-41998
1 “Zenryoku King” -“Ousama Sentai King Oger” Opening Theme-
Vocals: Takayuki Furukawa Lyricist: Takayuki Furukawa
Composition/Arrangement: Kentaro Sonoda
2 “INFERNO” – Shugoddam theme song –
Song: Nano Lyricist: Nano Composition/Arrangement: Go Sakabe 3 “Try & Fight” -Nkosopa Theme Song-
Vocals: Shogo Kamada Lyricist: Yuki Fujiwara Composition/Arrangement: Daisuke Hasegawa
4 “World Is Mine!” -Ishabana theme song-
Song: Machico Lyricist/Composition/Arrangement: Ryuhei Kinoshita 5 “Ignorantia juris nocet” -Gokkan theme song-
Vocals: Gokkan Choir Composition/Arrangement: Minori Takizawa 6 “Utage ja Oger!” -Tofu theme song-
Vocals: Hideyuki Takahashi & Daiki Ise Lyricist/Composition/Arrangement: KoTa Includes each original karaoke!
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