Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. Kobore has released a lyric video featuring a newly written work by illustrator “Biss” of “Amekoi feat. Chitosemina” included in the album “HUG” released on March 15 (Wednesday)!

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
Kobore has released a lyric video featuring a newly written work by the illustrator “Biss” of “Amakoi feat. Chitosemina” included in the album “HUG” released on March 15th (Wednesday)!

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The guitar rock band “kobore” from Fuchu, Tokyo, released on March 15 (Wednesday) the major 3rd full album “HUG” with Kaneyori Masaru’s Gt.Vo Chitosemina as a guest vocal. Koi feat. Chitosemina” lyric video has been released.
The image of the lyric video is a newly written work by illustrator Biss (
In this album “HUG”, it is one that has taken on new challenges such as songs that use an arranger, so please check the album as well. In addition, starting from Chiba LOOK on May 14 (Sunday), the “kobore one man 2023 ‘Konyo wo dakishimete tour'”, which tours 19 locations nationwide, will also start.
-“Ame Koi feat. Chitosemina” Lyric Video-

-“Mou Ichido Born” music video-

-“Revibration” music video-

-release information-
2023.03.15 (Wed) Release
Major 3rd Full Album “HUG”
[Image 2

¥3,080 (tax included)/COCP-41981

2. Revival
4. Born Again
5. Eureka
6. Uza.
7. Rain Love feat. Chitosemina
9. Orange
10. Don’t Leave Me Alone
11. Last Order
12, Embrace this night
[Columbia Music Shop Limited]
Major 3rd Full Album “HUG” + kobore pin badge set
¥5,580 (tax included)
-“HUG” teaser video-
-Live Information-
kobore one man 2023 “Holding this night tour”
05/14 (Sun) Chiba LOOK 17:30/18:00
May 17 (Wed) Kobe music zoo KOBE Sun and Tiger 18:30/19:00
05/18 (Thu) Shizuoka UMBER 18:30/19:00
May 28 (Sun) Yokohama F.A.D YOKOHAMA 17:30/18:00
June 01 (Thu) Niigata GOLDEN PIGS RED STAGE 18:30/19:00
06/09 (Fri) Kagoshima SR HALL 18:30/19:00
06/10 (Sat) Oita CLUB SPOT 17:30/18:00
06/13 (Tue) Okayama YEBISU YA PRO 18:30/19:00
06/14 (Wed) KYOTO MUSE 18:30/19:00
06/16 (Fri) Kanazawa EIGHT HALL 18:30/19:00
June 20 (Tue) Sapporo cube garden 18:30/19:00
06/22 (Thu) Sendai MACANA 18:30/19:00
06/24 (Sat) Mito LIGHT HOUSE 17:30/18:00
Thursday, June 29 Fukuoka BEAT STATION 18:30/19:00
July 01 (Sat) Takamatsu DIME 17:30/18:00
July 02 (Sun) Hiroshima CAVE-BE 17:30/18:00
July 05 (Wednesday) Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO 18:15/19:00
07/06 (Thu) Shinsaibashi BIGCAT 18:15/18:00
07/08 (Sat) Tokyo Zepp Shinjuku (TOKYO) 17:15/18:00
Advance: ¥4,000 (tax included) Door: ¥4,500 (tax included) + drink fee -Music video-
“STRAWBERRY” music video
“Tender” music video
“Jellyfish” music video
“Umimade” music video
“Yozora ni Narakute” music video
[kobore × SCHOOL OF LOCK!] – Katsumi Yoruno (LIVE)
[kobore × SCHOOL OF LOCK!] – Happy (LIVE)
“Caught in the Night” Music Video
“HAPPY SONG” music video
“FULLTEN” music video
-Live video-
Kobore – Rururirari (LIVE)
-“Digimon Ghost Game” Ending Video-
■ 2023.1.11 (Wed) Digital Release
Delivery link:
2022.10.2 (Sun) Digital Release
Delivery link:
■ 2022.3.9 Release
3rd Full Album「Purple」
【Limited Edition】
(CD + DVD) ¥3,800 + tax / COZP-1870~1
【Normal Edition】
(CD) ¥2,800 + tax/COCP-41722
01. Jellyfish 02. Cute Aggression 03. MARS 04. Fly 05. Tender 06. Slumber 07. Pink 08. Comet 09. Goodbye 10. Do whatever you want 11. Twinkle [DVD]
“kobore one-man tour 2021 “ZERO RANGE TOUR” at EX THEATER ROPPONGI 2021.11.11″ 01. Teenage graffiti 02. FULLTEN 03. HEBEREKE 04. Rururirari 05. Catching at night
06. Get out of the night 07. SUNDAY 08. Revolution from the local 09. Can’t help it 10. HAPPY SONG
11. Night Wonder 12. Midnight Blue 13. Tokyo Tower 14. I want to become a night sky 15. Diamond
16. Happiness 17. Telecaster 18. In the place where the explosion sounds 19. Yoruwomuukaeni 20. In ordinary days
■ 2021.06.09 Release
EP “Orange”
COCP-41480 ¥1,650 (tax included)
01. HIGHWAY 02. I want to become the night sky 03. Until I become ashes 04. SUNDAY 05. To the sea 06. OITEIKU
-EP “Orange” Distribution Link-
■2020.08.05 Release
Major debut album “Landscape”
COCP-41229 / ¥2,800 + tax
01. FULLTEN 02. Ruru Rirari 03. HAPPY SONG 04. HEBEREKE 05. From the depths of the earphone 06. Caught in the night
07. Nothing 08. Must be with you 09. A world just for two 10. Bokutachi no Ashita 11. In ordinary days
Formed in 2015.
Triggered by the demo CD “Yoruno Katsumi” released in 2016, while attracting attention such as performing OA appearances at the Victor Rock Festival in 2017, the 1st mini album “Akeyukuyoruni” was released in September 2017.
Released and toured 31 locations nationwide. After that, he continued his life and music production without rest, released the single “Afrel” in March 2018, and toured 12 places nationwide. And just two months later, in May, the 2nd mini album “Yoruwo Mukaeni” was released and was selected as a Tawarekomen.
The release tour was a long tour of 53 locations nationwide. In January 2019, he released his first career full-length album “Zero ni Natte” and toured 22 locations nationwide.
ROCK IN JAPAN 2019 / MONSTER baSH 2019 / MURO FESTIVAL 2019 / FREEDOM NAGOYA 2019 and many other big festivals have been decided for the first time.
Released “Whereabouts of Music”, held a nationwide tour “Diamond TOUR2019”, and appeared in FM802 “RADIO CRAZY” at the end of the year. In August 2020, he made his major debut with the 2nd full album “Landscape” and held a tour of 35 locations nationwide.
A one-man tour “kobore HARU ICHIBAN TOUR 2021” that will tour 8 locations nationwide from February to March 2021, a joint band tour “kobore “FULLTEN TOUR 2021″” that will tour 9 locations from June to July, September to November “kobore one-man tour 2021 “ZERO RANGE TOUR”” will be held at 23 locations. In March 2022, the 3rd full album “Purple” was released, and “kobore ‘VIOLET TOUR 2022′” was held at 29 locations nationwide. In October, we released the ending theme song “STRAWBERRY” for the Fuji TV anime “Digimon Ghost Game”, which was the first anime tie-up song as kobore. ” was held.
Even with the corona wreck, he continues to travel all over the country without stopping live performances. Keep an eye on kobore, which continues to grow rapidly with an unparalleled sense of speed. -Information-
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