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Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. Development of world’s first all-crystallized glass all-solid-state sodium-ion secondary battery using crystallized glass solid electrolyte

Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.
Developed the world’s first all-crystallized glass solid-state sodium-ion secondary battery using a crystallized glass solid electrolyte.

Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. has developed a solid electrolyte (made of crystallized glass) with sodium ion conductivity exceeding that of organic electrolytes. The world’s first battery.
We will be exhibiting at the 14th International Rechargeable Battery Exhibition, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from March 15, and will introduce the features of batteries and the technologies that make them possible through displays of actual batteries and
presentations by developers. To do.
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Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture; President: Satoru Kishimoto) has developed a solid electrolyte made of crystallized glass with sodium ion conductivity exceeding that of organic electrolytes and a wide operating
temperature range. By replacing alumina, we have realized the world’s first all-solid-state sodium-ion secondary battery that uses crystallized glass for all of the battery’s main components. By unifying all the main components (positive electrode, negative electrode, solid electrolyte) with crystallized glass, we have achieved a strong integration using our unique technology of glass softening flow, and an extremely good ion conduction path. We have created a storage device* that holds up. In addition, storage elements can be easily integrated into a single battery, contributing to greater flexibility in battery design.
In addition to the merits of using sodium, which does not have to worry about resource depletion, there is no risk of ignition or explosion, and while maintaining the current excellent
characteristics, performance has been improved. We will continue to actively develop toward the practical application of safe and large-capacity power storage devices.
                     ※Basic structure of an all-solid-state oxide battery in which the positive electrode, negative electrode, and electrolyte are sintered and integrated
[Image 2d74162-6-163ade8ac90387f6f87b-1.png&s3=74162-6-75677784469115539f7ab142e3da8253-3203x1259.png
[Image 3d74162-6-87dc45fa232b319725ee-2.png&s3=74162-6-736bab79a96d32463a33c4464154a529-2980x1238.png
Our company will exhibit at the “14th International Rechargeable Battery Exhibition” to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from March 15th. At the venue, you can see an actual integrated battery, a demonstration of its operation, and ultra-thin storage elements that make up the battery.
Exhibition name: Smart Energy Week Spring 2023 14th International Rechargeable Battery Exhibition
Date: March 15th (Wednesday) to March 17th (Friday), 2023
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
Booth number: No.30-35
  Scheduled time to start presentation/operation demo: 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 16:30
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