Nippon L’Oreal Co., Ltd. This drop. Clear skies. An amazing whitening*1 experience. Kiehl’s transparent whitening*1 serum that clears up dull skin. Double care for tone and texture. To you and the pinnacle of whitening*2.

Japan L’Oreal Co., Ltd.
This drop. Clear skies. An amazing whitening*1 experience. Kiehl’s transparent whitening*1 serum that clears up dull skin. Double care for tone and texture. To you and the pinnacle of whitening*2. A deluxe set is now on sale, and a campaign has started to commemorate this.Six people who shine in their own way will appear in the campaign visuals, showing off their translucent, glossy skin.

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Kiehl’s, a skin care brand that was born as a small apothecary *3 (dispensing pharmacy) in a corner of East Village in New York in 1851, is the luxurious Kiehl’s No.1 * 4 beauty essence “Kiehl’s Transparent Whitening *1 Beauty Essence”. The set is on sale. In commemoration of this, a campaign was carried out. At the start of the campaign, we will release a campaign visual featuring six people who shine in their own way, including brand directors, dancers, and models.
Kiehl’s is a tone and texture double care that reflects light evenly and emits natural highlights from the inside of the skin. I believe it is. “Kiehl’s Transparent Whitening * 1 Serum” has been very well received as Kiehl’s No. 1 * 4 beauty essence since its release, and it is a double care of tone and texture based on dermatology, stains * 1, dullness * 6, and stiffness. You can experience smooth, translucent, glossy skin that reflects light evenly.
*1 Suppresses the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles *2 Based on the sales amount of the Clearly franchise in Kiehl’s Japan from January 2019 to December 2022. In-house research. *3 Dispensing pharmacies in Europe and the United States *4 Based on the sales amount of Kiehl’s Japan from January to December 2022 *5 Within Kiehl’s *6 Due to drying
■”Kiehl’s Transparent Whitening*1 Essence” that clears the cloudiness of the skin with double care of tone and texture.
Kiehl’s believes that not only UV protection but also tone and texture are important for “translucent glossy skin”. Skin with uneven tone and texture absorbs light and looks dull and dull. With this, no matter how much UV protection you take, your skin will remain opaque. [Image 2

1.Tone care
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Active whitening ingredient Active vitamin C*7 suppresses the production of melanin, approaching blemishes*1, dullness*6, uneven color, and trouble marks.
*7 Whitening active ingredient
2. Texture care
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Salicylic acid*8, which helps remove unnecessary dead skin cells, smooths out rough skin and improves texture. In addition, the proprietary ingredient Proxylene*9 moisturizes the skin, prevents fine wrinkles*10 from dryness, and leads to a smooth texture that reflects light evenly.
*8 Active ingredient *9 Moisturizing ingredient *10 Makes fine wrinkles due to dryness less noticeable (efficacy evaluation tested) ■ A campaign will also be held where you can get luxurious benefits by purchasing “Kiehl’s Transparent Whitening*1 Essence”!
-Present a sample set including a whitening*1 mask-
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During the period until April 20 (Thursday), if you purchase “Kiehl’s Transparent Whitening * 1 Essence”, you will receive a whitening * 1 mask “Kiehl’s” that will make your skin look as if you have taken care of it for 12 days in 15 minutes. A sample set including “DS Clearly White Mask Advanced” will be presented on a first-come, first-served basis.
Target store: Kiehl’s official online store
Set contents: Kiehl’s transparent whitening *1 serum (30mL)
Kiehl’s DS Clearly White Mask Advanced (28nL)
Kiehl’s Cream UFC (7g)
Kiehl’s DS Clearly Bright Exfoliating Cleanser (3mL)
Kiehl’s DS UV Defense Advanced SPF50・PA++++ (3mL)
At Kiehl’s stores nationwide, you will receive a sample set that matches your skin, including a whitening * 1 mask, for ¥ 13,200 (tax included) or more including “Kiehl’s Transparent Whitening * 1 Essence”.
In addition, you can receive free counseling using a skin measurement device and derma reader that can see the risk of spots*1 that have not yet appeared on the skin surface. Please feel free to drop by to find the product that suits each person’s skin.
*Limited number. Please note.
Official website: ■Six people who live like themselves appear in the “Kiehl’s
Transparent Whitening*1 Essence” campaign visual!
At the start of the campaign this time, 6 people will appear in the campaign visual. With various backgrounds and lifestyles, they are expressing the “top of whitening *2” with “Kiehl’s Transparent Whitening *1 Essence”.
brand director SEIKA
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“Kiehl’s Transparent Whitening*1 Essence was attractive because of its smooth texture and high moisturizing power. What I think of as “whitening*1” is something that is clear and radiant and overflows from the individual.Taking care of the tone and texture is something I sympathize with.Let’s aim for radiant skin with Kiehl’s♪ ] *Personal impressions.
[Profile] Established Ainer Co., Ltd. in his teens. Apparel brand at the young age of 19
Appointed as director and brand director of “RANDEBOO”. Grow into a global brand expanding to 23 countries in just five years. After that, he worked as a producer of various products centered on lifestyle. On his own SNS, he posts real daily life and is gaining support from women in their late 20s to 30s. Instagram: @seika_boo
Brand Producer Natsumi Sanjoba
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“I like the smooth texture that blends into the skin and the moist finish. When I hear about whitening*1 care, I have an image of just a tone, but I thought that a clear and transparent feeling was important, so I really sympathized with the phrase “translucent glossy skin” this time. I would like to aim for a transparent skin with Kiehl’s Transparent Whitening*1 Essence. ] *Personal impressions. [Profile] Launched his own brand “Gajess” this spring after working as a press and brand director at a select shop. She has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, where she disseminates a variety of
information, not just fashion. He has a reputation for simple coordination, and in his first book “joba’s SIMPLE BASIC”, he proposes 100 stylings with all personal items. It is attracting attention in various women’s magazines and SNS. Instagram: @natsumi_sanjouba

Contemporary dancer, choreographer Rina Mizumura
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“Kiehl’s Transparent Whitening*1 Essence has a smooth, fresh texture that makes it an indispensable item for daily skin care. The idea that “translucent skin is whitening*1″ is very fresh, and from now on, I want to focus on both tone and texture, and pursue my own translucent skin.” *Personal impression. .
[Profile] Contemporary dancer and choreographer. After graduating from Japan Women’s College of Physical Education, majoring in dance studies, she started her career as a freelance dancer. In addition to dancer activities such as stage and video, he has appeared in various brand advertisements as a model. Since 2022, he has launched his own dancewear brand “OFF POSE” and is pursuing dance expressions from various aspects. Instagram: @rina_mizumura
Model Masako Endo
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“When I heard about whitening*1 care, I originally thought that I, who prefer healthy skin, had nothing to do with it, but when I heard about translucent and glossy skin, I thought that it was exactly the kind of skin I wanted to achieve, so I was very happy. I feel good! I value maintaining healthy skin quality and care after sun exposure. Kiehl’s Transparent Whitening*1 Essence penetrates well into the skin, and I feel that it makes my skin firmer and more transparent. I want to ] *Personal impressions.
[Profile] Debuted as a CM talent and model in his hometown of Fukuoka. Moved to Tokyo at the age of 20. Appeared in commercials for Aquarius and Georgia in addition to local commercials. From 2017, he appeared in Terrace House Tokyo. After graduating, he worked on Adidas global advertisements, NIKE talk shows, and exposure of numerous active brands, appearing in oneokrock’s music video in 2022, and still making use of his unique personality, street fashion, sports brand
ambassadors and advertisements, cosmetics brands. I am currently studying about food and beauty while interacting with nature on my hobby trip. At the end of last year, I also acquired a nutrition advisor qualification. Pay attention to exposure as a model and personal lifestyle. Instagram: @masarosachan_official
Beauty blogger Tomiri
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“I was very happy because I was able to hear about this concept and make it my own. I thought it was a wonderful idea. Kiehl’s Transparent Whitening*1 Essence has a thick texture that blends well with the skin, and the scent of lavender is refreshing and soothing. ] *Personal impressions.
[Profile] Debuted in the entertainment world in 2013 after being selected as one of the “JUNON Girls Contest BEST 30”. Appeared in the TV drama “Ao no Umi ~LONG SUMMER~”, the psycho suspense movie “Gray Karasu”, and the commercial “JR SKISKI 2015”. Currently working as a freelance model. Instagram: @posayo
■ Instagram LIVE featuring model Manami Enosawa “Kiehl’s Transparent Whitening*1 Essence Let’s Learn Correct Whitening Care!”
On March 28th (Tuesday), live distribution will be carried out on the Instagram account of Manami Enosawa, who is active as a model. At LIVE, Kiehl’s Skin Pro explained the importance of correct whitening *1 care and the importance of whitening *1 care for the upcoming season when the amount of UV rays is high. The archive is open to the public, so if you missed it or want to see it again, please take a look.
Enosawa’s official Instagram: enosawa_manami
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Manami Enosawa
Model, fashion director. She will be an exclusive model for “non no” until 2023. In addition to fashion magazines, she has appeared in many shows and advertisements such as Tokyo Girls Collection and Girls Award, and has built up her career as a model. In 2020, when he appeared in the romance reality show “Romance drama na Koi ga Shitai”, he received so much attention that it became a trend, and in 2022, his romance was finally released. The two-year-old love affair publicized a lot of reactions. Not only a model, but also a brand “ARUMDY” for which he is the director, he is attracting attention as a highly influential influencer model.
Dermatologist Tomoko Kobayashi will be a guest, and reel video posting and Instagram LIVE will be held on Kiehl’s official Instagram account! From 20:00 on April 4 (Tuesday), Instagram LIVE, featuring
dermatologist Tomoko Kobayashi, will be distributed on Kiehl’s official Instagram account! Dr. Kobayashi will explain the importance of whitening*1 care, the ingredients you want to incorporate, and the double care of tone and texture.
In addition, from April 7th (Friday), a commentary reel video on whitening * 1 care by Dr. Kobayashi will be released on Kiehl’s official Instagram! In the reel video, we also prepare contents to answer the troubles and questions of everyone gathered in advance. You can learn more about whitening * 1 care in Mr. Kobayashi’s reel & LIVE.
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Tomoko Kobayashi
Dermatologist, Doctor of Medicine. Supervised by Doctor Recipe. After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, Nippon Medical School, entered the Department of Dermatology, Nagoya University. Completed the doctoral course at the same university. Since 2015, he has been engaged in clinical research in dermatology as a post-master fellow at Northwestern University in the United States. After returning to Japan, he conducted research on saccharification at the Doshisha University Anti-Aging Center. He supervises “Doctor’s Recipe”, which disseminates recipes and information on food and health from a medical standpoint.
■ Product information
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Product name: Kiehl’s DS Clearly Bright Essence [quasi-drug] Name by type: Whitening serum
Capacity: 30mL/50mL
Price: 8,910 yen (tax included), 12,320 yen (tax included)
how to use:
After washing your face and applying lotion, take 1 dropper (large size of a 100 yen coin) and gently spread it over your entire face. Carefully layer it on the areas of concern on your skin and press it with your hand.
It can also be used on the neck, décolletage, and the back of the hands, which are prone to sunburn.
* Allergy tested (not all people are allergic)
■ About Kiehl’s
Kiehl’s was founded in 1851 as a small apothecary*3 in a corner of New York’s East Village. It has been deeply loved by the people of the city as an important presence that can always be consulted
empathetically, responding to the different concerns of each customer in detail. Since its founding, we have provided skincare products that are particular about quality, centering on the three beliefs of “Nature”, “Science”, and “Service” that make up the brand’s DNA, Apothecary*3, and healthy skin for everyone. continue to support. And through healthy skin, we support everyone to be happy and enjoy being themselves. In addition, Kiehl’s values ​​communities and local communities and wants to move forward together. “Giving back to the local community” advocated by founder Aaron Morse. We are engaged in social activities for a “better future”, including Kiehl’s original sustainability program, “FUTURE MADE BETTER”.
■ Kiehl’s official SNS
Instagram: @kiehlsjp
Twitter: @kiehlsjp

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