oVice Co., Ltd. “Whisper” with people nearby! New “Whisper” function etc.

oVice Co., Ltd.
“Whisper” with people nearby! New “Whisper” function etc.

oVice Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture, CEO: John Sehyon) has introduced a new function of the business metaverse “oVice”, a “whisper” function that allows voices to be heard only by people in the immediate vicinity. “Like” function that allows you to react to, “Export (CSV output)” function that allows you to download and save chat in CSV format, “Zoom Link” function that allows you to easily start a Zoom meeting by linking your own Zoom account, etc. has been published.
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◆You can also “whisper” with people nearby! “Whisper” function oVice displays the range of your voice as a translucent circle. The “whisper” function has appeared, which narrows the area and allows you to talk only with people who are nearby. When using this function, the straight line distance is reduced by about 50% and the area is reduced by about 25%. With this function, even in places where multiple people are gathered or in a narrow space, it becomes easier to talk to specific people while being considerate of the people around them, and you can also “whisper”.
To use the “whisper” function, press and hold the “space key” on the keyboard while your microphone is muted. A small circle is displayed only while you press it, and you can talk.
For more information, please see the dedicated page below.
[Image 2d58507-143-0f8a1df6ae7ffd3d9fa4-1.png&s3=58507-143-2100735a22fb025f86d1d9110bb702be-1920x1005.png
▲The voice range is narrower than before.
◆ Easy reaction to chat! “Like” function in chat
You can now mark a chat as “Like” by clicking the “Like” button displayed next to “Public Chat”* sent to everyone. This makes it easier than ever to react to the other party’s chat.
You can also check the user name that “liked” by hovering over the Like button. * What is “public chat”: oVice calls a chat addressed to a specific user as “mention chat”, and a chat sent to all users without specifying a destination as “public chat”.
For more information, please see the dedicated page below.
[Image 3d58507-143-88f2df6960746acb94cc-2.png&s3=58507-143-e4a807eb7735018578a2c9bb2330eb14-976x414.png
▲ You can “Like” by pressing the Like button displayed next to the chat ◆ “Export (CSV output)” function that can save chat history
It is now possible to export (output) the chat displayed on your screen in open space or conference room in CSV format. This is a new function that responds to the voice of “I want to keep what kind of exchanges occurred at the event”.
* Users who can execute “Export” can be changed by setting.
For details on how to operate, please see the dedicated page below. https://help.ovice.com/hc/ja/articles/9412620248345
[Image 4d58507-143-a688705dca7874b79331-3.png&s3=58507-143-00e9279b6f13d8ea19ef46c1c0c73e69-1096x476.png
▲ Chat can be downloaded by pressing “Export to CSV”
Easy start of Zoom meeting on oVice “Zoom linkage” function
Users can now link their Zoom accounts and launch Zoom meetings on oVice spaces. *The Zoom object function service using the oVice account that you have been using so far will be terminated.
For details on how to set up, see the dedicated page below.
[Image 5d58507-143-69171c5dd7d208737ed7-4.png&s3=58507-143-db2e5d60d38dec612f05c9cf64e982a7-1888x1040.png
▲ Zoom account linkage screen
If you have any comments about the service, such as the above new features, please use the URL below.
https://ovice.zendesk.com/hc/en/requests/new?ticket_form_id=900000069866 What is oVice? A two-dimensional virtual space where you interact using avatars oVice is a two-dimensional virtual space where you can move your avatar freely on the web and easily talk to other avatars by bringing them close to each other. Since the service started in August 2020, it has been used in various situations such as virtual offices for telework, online events, and open campuses, and as of August 2022, the number of issuing spaces has exceeded 30,000.
[Image 6d58507-143-46957c35a9ba4ecf8fe0-5.png&s3=58507-143-67fa8a54f14971e2656cc541c77dfec2-1200x630.png
◆Company profile
We are developing and providing “oVice”, a virtual space where you can move and talk freely, with the mission of “eliminating physical restrictions from people’s lives”. In 2021, it was selected as one of Weekly Toyo Keizai’s “Amazing Venture 100”. In addition, oVice has raised a total of 4.5 billion yen through financing from multiple financial institutions in addition to a third-party allotment of new investors and multiple investors, including existing shareholders, in the Series B round. was announced on August 31, 2022.
Company name: oVice Co., Ltd.
Location: 113 B, Honfuchucho, Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture Representative: CEO Jeong Sehyun
Established: February 2020
URL: https://ovice.biz/3ZIV1qF
Business description: Virtual office, development and provision of virtual space that can be used for online events
Free trial: https://ovice.biz/3XLPmy4
◆ Inquiries regarding this matter
oVice Co., Ltd.
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