Participation fee is free] Goodpatch Co., Ltd. / AsiaQuest co-sponsored webinar “The team relationship between the PM of the design company and the development company” will be held on Ma rch 16th

Asia Quest Co., Ltd.
Participation fee is free] Goodpatch Co., Ltd. / AsiaQuest
co-sponsored webinar “-The key to the success of the project! -The relationship between the team discussed by the PM of the design company and the development company” will be held on March 16th
Asia Quest Co., Ltd. (head office location: Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Jun Momoi; hereinafter referred to as Asia Quest), which supports the digital transformation (hereinafter referred to as DX) of companies using digital technologies such as IoT and AI, is a corporation. Co-sponsored with Goodpatch (head office: Uguisudani-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Naofumi Tsuchiya; hereinafter referred to as Goodpatch), a webinar titled “-The key to a successful project!” -The relationship between the team discussed by the PM of the design company and the development company” will be held.
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■ What is the key to project success from the two perspectives of “development” and “design”?
In order to lead the business to success, how to proceed with the project holds the key.
And in order to lead the project to success, you may be worried about team communication and system construction, and you may ask for support from external partners or consider outsourcing.
However, there are some unclear points such as “how the project will proceed” and “whether it is possible to flexibly change the system according to the business” by outsourcing. is.
In this seminar, the project managers of AsiaQuest and Goodpatch, who have a lot of project experience, will talk about problems that often occur in projects and how to solve them in a panel discussion format. We would appreciate it if you could provide a perspective that will help promote the project from the perspective of the two companies of development and design. Please feel free to join us.
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Those who are considering how to proceed smoothly with the project Those who are worried about building an appropriate system to match the growth of their business
Those who are considering outsourcing to an external partner but are worried because they do not have an image of collaboration
■ Webinar overview
・Name: -The key to a successful project! -The relationship between the team told by the PM of the design company and the development company ・ Date: March 16, 2023 (Thursday) 12:00-13:00
・ Application URL: ■ Theme
Project system construction and progress example
Issues encountered in the project and solutions
Ingenuity for the design company and the development company to give each other performance
■ Profile of speakers
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Yoshinori Nagata | Goodpatch Inc. / Project Manager
At an IT strategic subsidiary of a certain TV station, he experienced a series of operations such as planning, development, and construction of an operation system, focusing on web service development projects. After working as an engineer, director, and project manager, he joined Goodpatch after managing business, development, and back office. As a project manager, I am working hard every day to deliver good designs. [Image 3d19319-128-ea9c6476cbaa145b68db-1.png&s3=19319-128-d109204ac4632dbd2a09d7ec98efc2d7-500x500.png
Yokei Fujii | Asia Quest Co., Ltd. / Manager
Joined Asia Quest in 2019 after working in retail and IT recruitment. We provide proposal services that are close to customers across multiple industries, such as order management systems for
accommodation facilities, mobile applications for cosmetics
manufacturers, and systemization proposals for realizing new businesses for department stores. After working as a project manager promoting agile development for the realization of new business at a business company, he has experience in requirements review, system construction, and actual development support.
■ About Goodpatch Co., Ltd.
Goodpatch is a global design company that advances business through the power of design.
In the design partner business, Goodpatch and the full remote design organization “Goodpatch Anywhere (” launch new businesses, renew existing businesses, formulate corporate design strategies, and build design organizations. We provide support, etc., and solve business problems that companies have from large companies to startups through design.
In the design platform business, the designer-specific career support service “ReDesigner (”, the online whiteboard “Strap (”, the prototyping tool “Prott” (” and aims to improve the value of design. ■ About Asia Quest Co., Ltd.
Asia Quest is a “digital integrator” that supports corporate DX. In addition to regular system integration, we consistently undertake everything from consulting that considers DX together with customers to the design, development, and operation of systems that make full use of the digital technology necessary for DX.
We have specialized technology teams in each of the digital fields of IoT, AI, Cloud, Mobile, Web, and UI/UX, and organize the optimal project team for the customer’s goals. With our extensive knowledge of DX and a wide range of technical capabilities, we are able to quickly respond to the implementation of PoC to verify the effectiveness of business models and technical issues, and the construction of large-scale digitally compatible systems.

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【Company Profile】
Company name: Asia Quest Co., Ltd.
Representative: Jun Momoi
Head office location: 3-11-13 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Iidabashi i-MARK ANNEX 6F
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