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PayPay Securities Co., Ltd. Notice Regarding Implementation of Third-Party Allotment Capital Increase with PayPay, SoftBank, and Mizuho Securities as Underwriters and Strengthening Cooperation with PayPay

PayPay Securities
Notice Regarding Implementation of Third-Party Allotment Capital Increase with PayPay, SoftBank, and Mizuho Securities as Underwriters and Strengthening Cooperation with PayPay

PayPay Securities Co., Ltd. (President: Kenji Bandokoro, hereinafter referred to as PayPay Securities) has PayPay Corporation (hereinafter referred to as PayPay), SoftBank Corp. (hereinafter referred to as SoftBank), and Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mizuho Securities) as underwriters. We would like to inform you that we will implement a third-party allotment of new shares.
In addition to SoftBank and Mizuho Securities, with PayPay
participating in management as a new shareholder, we aim to accelerate collaboration with PayPay’s various services and further improve the convenience and customer satisfaction of the services provided by PayPay Securities. .
1. Background and purpose of this matter
PayPay Securities started service in June 2016 as Japan’s first smartphone securities. In addition to services that allow you to purchase Japanese and US stocks, investment trusts, ETFs, etc., from April 2020, you can experience simulated investment with PayPay points “Point management (*)”, and from August 2022, you can buy and sell securities with the PayPay app. We provide “PayPay Asset Management” that can be used.
SoftBank and Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. signed a comprehensive business alliance agreement on June 19, 2020. In order to further develop the next-generation non-face-to-face financial business, we will cooperate with PayPay to provide opportunities for those with no experience in asset management and beginners. We aim to provide an easy-to-use asset building platform and next-generation financial services that integrate lifestyle scenes and financial businesses. * Provided by PPSC Investment Service Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of PayPay Securities Co., Ltd.
Even in Japan, where the ratio of cashless payments is low compared to other countries, code payments are the driving force behind the rapid digitization of consumer behavior. In the future, there are plans to start a “new NISA” system that drastically expands the current NISA system and a “digital wage payment (salary digital payment)” that receives wages in digital money. We recognize that consumer interest in and expectations for asset building services and various cashless payment services will increase further due to such changes in social conditions and government policies.
By joining PayPay as the largest shareholder, we will further strengthen cooperation with various services of “PayPay”, which has 55 million registered users, and complete payment, use of PayPay points, and asset management with a single smartphone. We will work to create opportunities for everyone to take the first step in investing. Going forward, we will continue to collaborate with PayPay, Softbank and Mizuho Securities, aiming to provide innovative services for users so that they can support us as the most familiar and long-term partner.
-Future policy plan (planned)-
・Promote the financial products handled by PayPay Securities on the PayPay app through “PayPay Asset Management”
・Efforts with a view to increasing the inflow of funds into the asset management field through various payment methods, including PayPay balances, and responding to the “new NISA” system, etc.
・Improve recognition regardless of new or existing users by leveraging PayPay’s marketing know-how
2. Shareholders and shareholding ratios before and after the third-party allotment
[Table 2: ]
*PayPay Securities will remain a consolidated subsidiary of SoftBank even after the third-party allotment.
3. schedule
Contract date: March 31, 2023
Payment date by each shareholder: April 10, 2023
4. Overview of each company
(1) PayPay
Name: PayPay Co., Ltd.
Representative Representative Director, President and CEO: Ichiro Nakayama Main business: Development and provision of electronic payment services such as mobile payments
(2) Softbank
Name: SoftBank Corp.
Representative Representative Director, President and CEO: Junichi Miyagawa Main business line Provision of mobile communication services, sale of mobile terminals, provision of fixed communication services, provision of Internet connection services
(3) Mizuho Securities
Name: Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
Representative President: Yoshiro Hamamoto
Main business: financial instruments business
(4) PayPay Securities
Name: PayPay Securities Co., Ltd.
Representative President and Representative Director: Kenji Bandokoro Main business: financial instruments business
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