PLANETAL DESIGN Co., Ltd. Report on the exhibition of “ice drops” at Las Vegas Bar & Restaurant Expo 2023

Report on the exhibition of “ice drops” at Las Vegas Bar & Restaurant Expo 2023 ~ A patented ice maker ice drops that makes it easy to make
transparent ice at home ~

In the Bar & Restaurant EXPO held in Las Vegas for three days from March 27th to 29th, 2023,
Newly developed by PLANETAL DESIGN Co., Ltd. with its own patented technology, you can make transparent ice in various shapes at home. We exhibited the ice maker “ice drops” and the “ice drops replacement mold Fuji”.
We have received high praise from many bar owners.
[Image 1

Product homepage:
In particular, regarding the characteristic shape and the
patent-pending snow-covered Mt.Fuji ice,
We were able to receive many opinions that it was very Japanese and wonderful. Beautiful crystal-cut Mt. Fuji ice that can be made with “ice drops replacement mold Fuji”
The snow-covered Mt.Fuji ice is created by a patent-pending structure that intentionally leaves only the summit white.
It is a special ice that you can enjoy the snow makeup that changes every time the ice is made.
*For ice making, you need to purchase the ice drops (sold separately). [Image 2

Transparent ice that has been highly evaluated by bar owners who are ice professionals,
About ice drops that can be easily made at home,
We will also work to expand sales channels overseas, including the United States.
[Various sales sites]
 ice drops:
Fuji ice drops replacement mold: [Image 3

In addition, it is on sale at Rakuten and
In addition, as a return gift for the hometown tax payment in Moriya City, Ibaraki Prefecture, it is available on various hometown tax payment sites.
[Product details, sales site details]
・ Press release at the time of launch ・Our website (ice drops introduction page)
[Background of product development]
Many people are spending more time at home due to the need to practice new lifestyles due to the new coronavirus.
In order to respond to the growing awareness of wanting to seek “healing” during the increased time at home in a stressful
We have developed a transparent ice maker that can be used “easier” and “more scenes”.
-Healing in everyday life-
Clear ice enhances the experience value of the drink because it is beautiful and has little miscellaneous taste.
The transparent ice that melts slowly while changing its expression, It makes you feel the beauty of nature and ephemeral emotions, and creates healing in one everyday scene.
-Products that can be used continuously-
We want to create a product that can withstand heavy use as part of everyday life, not just for special occasions.
Based on this strong desire, we have developed a product that is easy to use, can quickly make the next ice cube, and is highly durable. We proceeded with research and development toward our goal.
As a result, we have completed a high-end transparent ice maker with a unique patented structure.
-More fun with ice-
So that you can use it widely from everyday cups to special cups, “ice drops” comes with two types of molds, large and small.
In addition, we have prepared “ice drops replacement mold Fuji” for you to enjoy transparent ice even more.
In the future, we will expand the lineup and proceed with product development so that you can enjoy it in even more diverse scenes. We will continue to create a more enjoyable future together with everyone with original ideas and reliable technology.
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Location: 1-43-35 Chigasecho, Ome City, Tokyo
Established: February 2, 2022
Representative: Katsuki Sawada
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