“PLASTICITY”, which reuses vinyl umbrellas, and “SHEL’TTER”, a select shop, have released collaboration items that upcycle jeans before disposal.

Monde Design Co., Ltd.
“PLASTICITY”, which reuses vinyl umbrellas, and “SHEL’TTER”, a select shop, have released collaboration items that upcycle jeans before disposal.
Developed pouches using jeans with different designs one by one and original items made from waste plastic umbrellas.

Developed by Mondo Design Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yohei Horiike), the upcycle brand “PLASTICITY” that reuses waste vinyl umbrellas was launched by creator Aki Saito and jointly developed. City)” will release two types of items in collaboration with the select shop “SHEL’TTER” developed by Baroque Japan Limited. This item will be on sale at some SHEL’TTER stores and SHEL’TTER WEB STORE.
[Image 1d26462-45-b7edcf3f43009d57e9af-2.jpg&s3=26462-45-a42b0b06539cdee1e8900f330dbb3dbd-1800x1300.jpg
[Image 2d26462-45-c086ce1fff542cc25760-0.jpg&s3=26462-45-30abdfc772a658b01061f8fa36dcb0ad-1400x416.jpg
PLASTICITY homepage: https://plasticity.co.jp/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/plasticity_official/
SHEL’TTER WEB STORE: https://www.ec-store.net/sws/r/rSSELECT/ SHEL’TTER instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sheltter_official/ Upcycle jeans before disposal.
Upcycled into a drawstring pouch using prototype jeans. It is an original collaboration bag that uses a waste vinyl umbrella material “GLASS RAIN” for all materials and inserts a drawstring pouch made of jeans.
Each pair of jeans has a different design, and by sewing with the original color and leaving the stitches, it becomes a one-of-a-kind item. It is an item that allows you to enjoy the sheerness of the pouch made from clear waste vinyl umbrella material.
[Image 3d26462-45-b51cb67f24a053f5bb0b-4.jpg&s3=26462-45-dd97b574c8af3f8f23620eae6e4c8f99-1800x1300.jpg
[Image 4d26462-45-9150e03f794317ae8e56-3.jpg&s3=26462-45-ea442d9165b829ac1c31dcb75370cd90-1800x1300.jpg
[Image 5d26462-45-2ab77071f558cb4fd350-5.jpg&s3=26462-45-64c1658b03b093c976b7bdaa9ed0976f-1800x1300.jpg
DENIM shopper with purse
A mini shoulder bag that allows you to carry your smartphone and mini wallet. SHEL’TTER’s original item is a lightweight and waterproof mini shoulder bag made only from waste vinyl. It is a minimal bag that allows you to go out lightly with just your smartphone and wallet. The shoulder chain is adjustable, so you can change the length to suit your fashion.
[Image 6d26462-45-c1f38faf6667404708ce-1.jpg&s3=26462-45-dbf4bf62c1ff5e55a5c6bd2a877dd7e2-1800x1300.jpg
shoulder mini bag
With this collaboration as a trigger, PLASTICITY aims to create interest and curiosity among people of various generations toward the goal of becoming a “brand that should disappear in 10 years’ time,” which is the concept of PLASTICITY. We will continue to communicate through our products and brands in order to achieve our “responsible use”.
■ Product information
Product name: Shopper with DENIM drawstring
Price: 16,500 yen (tax included)
Product Name: Shoulder mini bag
Price: 10,450 yen (tax included)
Sales location: SHEL’TTER stores (excluding Nagano C-one store)      SHEL’TTER WEB STORE *Scheduled to be released on March 10th at the WEB STORE.
■ SHEL’TTER-Shelter-
A select shop that proposes fashion that mixes items from multiple brands such as moussy, RODEO CROWNS, and rienda developed by Baroque Japan Limited. There are 7 stores nationwide, including The SHEL’TTER TOKYO Tokyu Plaza Omotesando, which was re-opened on March 3rd. ■ PLASTICITY
An upcycle brand launched in April 2020 that transforms waste plastic umbrellas into new forms. In order to make the most of the
characteristics of the umbrella material, such as waterproofness and maintainability, we have developed a unique processing method that stacks and presses multiple layers in the same state. Furthermore, a product with a unique texture was completed by creating a rain pattern expression in the processing process. From the collection of vinyl umbrellas to the sewing of finished products, every single detail is done by hand, and PLASTICITY’s products are created through human intuition, craftsmanship and the desire to cherish materials. will continue to be used.
■Overview of Monde Design Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 3rd floor, Lion Minami-Aoyama, 5-17-12 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Established: November 17, 2006
Capital: 10 million yen
Representative Director: Yohei Horiike
URL: https://www.mondodesign.jp/
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