Play Next Lab Co., Ltd. Hikawa Town, Kumamoto Prefecture uses smart public lab to renew Hikawa Town’s official account. Playnex Lab supports construction

Play Next Lab Co., Ltd.
Hikawa Town, Kumamoto Prefecture uses Smart Public Lab to renew Hikawa Town’s official account. Playnex Lab supports construction

“Smart Public Lab with LINE SMART CITY GovTech Program” provided by PlayNext Lab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Takumi Kashiwa; hereinafter PlayNext Lab) has been adopted for the official LINE account of Hikawa-cho, Kumamoto Prefecture. We will inform you that it has been released from March 1 (Wednesday).
In Hikawa Town, in addition to the content of the existing LINE official account, the menu screen has also been renewed, making it easier to find the information you want and reach it. In addition, it is now possible to check, at a glance, frequently viewed items on the website, such as information on “administrative procedures” and “garbage/recycling.”
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[Image 2d28653-51-b8008c5f0d90b5a46fa7-1.png&s3=28653-51-92f30f6d1cc6b2a83b9a075c2cf2d00d-902x448.png
In addition, we are working to expand services that are useful for residents’ lives through LINE, such as “evacuation search” in preparation for disasters.
[Image 3d28653-51-4cdd185995594f0b8410-2.jpg&s3=28653-51-cf763fa430453f70cfa413b5b7eed9ca-750x408.jpg
PlayNext Lab Co., Ltd. is providing a system and supporting the construction of the official account for the renewal of the LINE official account of Hikawa Town, Kumamoto Prefecture.
The content provided by the LINE official account is as follows. Information on administrative procedures
Information about the new corona
Information on Garbage and Recycling
Information on shelters, disaster prevention, etc.
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Company name: Play Next Lab Co., Ltd.
Established: January 2016
Head office: 〒141-0031
3-11-6 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Sunwest Yamate Building
Founded in 2016. With the vision of “creating the future with technology and diversity”, we have been involved in various services such as smartphone games, HR TECH services, and chatbot system development. are also focusing on
Armed with the development capabilities of our global engineering team of members from 17 countries, we will pursue the growth of our own services and aim to become a “digital transformation creation company” that supports society and our clients with the latest technology. -Inquiries-
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