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Popular soccer manga “Captain Tsubasa” Tsubasa x Misaki Win original goods from the Golden Combi! Foot soap Foot meji x “Captain Tsubasa” collaboration campaign starts on March 1, 2023 (Wednesday)

Popular soccer manga “Captain Tsubasa” Tsubasa x Misaki Win original goods from the Golden Combi! Foot soap Footmeji x “Captain Tsubasa” collaboration campaign starts on March 1, 2023 (Wednesday)
Limited product release & gift campaign that can only be obtained here!
Graphico Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Sumiyo Hasegawa) will start a collaboration campaign between the foot soap “Foot Meji” and the world-famous soccer manga “Captain Tsubasa” from March 1, 2023 (Wednesday).
A limited-time collaboration product “Footmeji Clear Herb Soap for Feet Sky Blue Mint” (Tsubasa Ozora x Genzo Wakabayashi package, Kojiro Hyuga x Ken Wakashimazu package) will be released at drugstores nationwide. In addition, we will carry out a campaign where you can win Footmeji x “Captain Tsubasa” original goods, such as Tsubasa Ozora x Taro Misaki’s golden combination outdoor chair.
[Image 3d9939-209-e9298e8bdd7e8a3665f3-3.jpg&s3=9939-209-32c8c761765e8a603a4ed3fe96d5b67a-1276x847.jpg
[Image 2d9939-209-85290a7eaf462047ab14-0.jpg&s3=9939-209-7f78d2901300eadef572e69956fbeb25-1161x465.jpg
Collaboration background
Footmeji is a foot soap that cares for foot troubles such as foot odor, dryness due to unnecessary keratin, and stubborn dirt. Since its release in 2010, it has been used regularly by people with various foot problems, and in recent years, there have been many voices that athletes are using it as foot care.
Therefore, by collaborating with “Captain Tsubasa”, which is popular across generations as a soccer manga and sports manga, we are conveying refreshing and refreshing foot care to people who play sports and those who have problems with foot care. I want to Collaboration product
[Image 3d9939-209-e9298e8bdd7e8a3665f3-3.jpg&s3=9939-209-32c8c761765e8a603a4ed3fe96d5b67a-1276x847.jpg
(Left: Tsubasa Ozora x Genzo Wakabayashi package / Kojiro Hyuga x Ken Wakashimazu package)
Product Summary
Product Name: Futomeji Foot Clear Herb Soap Captain Tsubasa Sky Blue Mint 65g *Limited time only *Sales will end when stock runs out.
Capacity/Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 65g 1078 yen (tax included) Sales channel: Drugstores nationwide, home centers, etc.
Release date: Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Product features
1. A foot soap that refreshes unpleasant odors (*), dead skin cells, and persistent dirt (*dirty odors)
2. Put the foot soap containing 26 kinds of herbs such as “oyster tannin” and 3 kinds of scrubs into the attached special net and wash them directly to intensively wash the dirt on your feet.
3. Contains “mint leaf oil” + “menthol”. Refreshing and refreshing your stuffy sports feet!
4. “Sky Blue Mint Fragrance” inspired by Tsubasa Ozora, the main character of “Captain Tsubasa”, and the exhilarating shot he shoots. About Footmeji x “Captain Tsubasa” campaign
1. Twitter campaign
Win a golden combi chair! #Twin shoot campaign for foot odor bacteria [Image 5d9939-209-7134f409e9259ea3221a-1.jpg&s3=9939-209-386f40e0bfd05f16b41b9a944572d42b-1105x625.jpg
If you follow the official account of Footmeji on Twitter @foot_medi and retweet the target tweet, 10 people will be given a footmeji x “Captain Tsubasa” original outdoor chair Tsubasa Ozora x Taro Misaki pair set by lottery.
Application period: March 1 (Wednesday) to March 14 (Tuesday) 23:59 ■ Prize: Footmeji x “Captain Tsubasa” Original Outdoor Chair Tsubasa Ozora x Taro Misaki Pair Set for 10 people
■ Footmedi Official Twitter:
2. Receipt campaign
You can win “Captain Tsubasa” original goods with your receipt! Campaign to defeat foot odor bacteria with foot meji
From those who purchased the products targeted for Footmeji and applied from the campaign site,
A total of 240 people will be selected by lottery to receive original Futomeji x “Captain Tsubasa” goods.
[Image 5d9939-209-7134f409e9259ea3221a-1.jpg&s3=9939-209-386f40e0bfd05f16b41b9a944572d42b-1105x625.jpg
[Image 6d9939-209-807f22bcbe71c47756fd-2.png&s3=9939-209-b4afede37ebac52d006294c1b13c8581-1672x696.png
Application period: April 1st (Sat)-June 30th (Fri) 23:59
■ Prizes
▽ 2 piece purchase course
Footmeji x “Captain Tsubasa” original outdoor chair
Tsubasa Ozora x Taro Misaki pair set for 20 people
▽ 1 piece purchase course
Footmeji x “Captain Tsubasa” Original Outdoor Chair
Either Tsubasa Ozora or Taro Misaki 60 people each *You can choose when you apply.
▽ Double Chance
Footmeji x “Captain Tsubasa” original QUO card worth 300 yen & Oxyclean 30g x 3 pieces set for 100 people
Application method: Apply from the campaign site with the purchase receipt of the target product
■ Target product
・Footmeji medicated foot soap series (3 types)
・Footmeji foot keratin clear herb soap Captain Tsubasa sky blue mint 65g [Image 7d9939-209-be40c7de2b958d78c52d-8.jpg&s3=9939-209-d6305934f166e74b296d9ae57cd73f0e-1183x345.jpg
■Please see the campaign site for details.
About “Captain Tsubasa”
“Captain Tsubasa” is a soccer manga drawn by Yoichi Takahashi. Serialized in Shueisha’s “Weekly Shonen Jump” since 1981, it is a work that has a great influence on Japanese soccer boys. After that, a sequel to the series depicting the growth of the main characters, Tsubasa Ozora, was announced.
“Captain Tsubasa Rising Sun” will be serialized in Shueisha’s “Grand Jump” until 2019, and from 2020, “Grand Jump” will be published in the special edition “Captain Tsubasa Magazine”.
The total number of books and paperbacks published in Japan has exceeded 70 million. It is a very popular work that has been translated not only in Japan but also in 20 languages ​​around the world and has been published in many countries overseas.
About Footmeji

[Image 8d9939-209-3309a5eee0976d9b1b81-6.png&s3=9939-209-80b1999db5069aa35c38ba47e1523852-433x244.png
Footmeji is a foot soap that cares for your feet easily and
effortlessly, with the slogan “Shampoo for your hair, body soap for your body, and foot soap for your feet.” Since its release in 2010, the total number of series shipments has exceeded 9.58 million (*). It is a long-selling product that is supported by people who have problems with their feet because it can remove dead skin cells, deodorize, and sterilize the feet just by washing. From 2022, as a partner of the soccer club “Nankatsu SC”, we are also engaged in activities to support foot care after sports.
* Cumulative total of Footmeji brand series from May 2010 release to the end of December 2022. In-house research. The number of shipments including planned products and our own online shop.
Details about this release: