Proscenic Technology Co., LTD New life support project For a limited time, the Vactidy V8 vacuum cleaner will be sold at 9,793 yen, up to 30% off!

Proscenic Technology Co., LTD
[New life support project] For a limited time, the Vactidy V8 vacuum cleaner will be sold at 9,793 yen, up to 30% off!

Good news for those who are not good at cleaning and busy housewives! Vactidy V8 vacuum cleaner will be sold for 9793 yen with up to 30% off for a limited time.
[Video 2:] ○ Features of V8
This vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction power of 22000Pa and can be used for up to 35 minutes with just 2.5 hours charging time. In addition, the battery is removable, and replacement batteries are also available separately.
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In addition, the best feature of this vacuum cleaner is the extendable pole, which allows you to adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it can be used to clean any surface such as floors, ceilings, and walls.
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This vacuum cleaner is lightweight, portable, and cordless, giving you the freedom to clean anywhere. The powerful motor is also very quiet, so you can use it safely even when your family and pets are sleeping. [Image 3

Take this opportunity to get the Vactidy V8 vacuum cleaner and free yourself from the hassle of cleaning! The limited-time sale will run from March 2nd through March 6th. Do not miss it!
○ Sale information
Regular selling price (tax included): 13,990 yen
Sale special price (tax included): 9,793 yen (30% OFF)
Product page URL:
Limited sale period: 2023/3/2 00:01 JST – 2023/3/6 23:59 JST ○Usage experience
[Image 4

[Image 5

It’s surprising that you can buy such a vacuum cleaner for 10,000 yen. The light on the vacuum cleaner is very helpful. Without this lamp, you may not be able to see the dirt very well. The removable shaft is also easy to clean. Then there’s the removable battery, which does away with the usual giant charging base. Very good������
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