Research Association for Preventive Medicine Involvement of “Kina Takagi”, Chairman of the Research Association for Preventive Medicine, “Medical Corporation Medipla (Medical Plus Clinic)” GLP-1 diet “Saxenda” for online medical treatment release

Preventive Medicine Research Association
Involvement of “Kina Takagi”, Chairman of the Preventive Medicine Research Association, “Medical Corporation Medipla (Medical Plus Clinic)” releases [GLP-1 diet “Saxenda” for online medical treatment]! Easy weight loss at home with GLP-1 diet injection. No need for unreasonable diet restrictions, no need for hard exercise or muscle training, no need to visit the hospital for online consultations.
At Medipla (Medical Plus Clinic), a medical corporation in Osaka Prefecture, where “Kina Takagi”, the chairman of the Preventive Medicine Research Association (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Kina Takagi), is involved. We have released a slimming treatment by injection based on medical evidence, “GLP-1 diet ‘Saxenda’ in online medical consultation”.
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[GLP-1 Diet “Saxenda”] of “Medical Corporation Medipla (Medical Plus Clinic)” in Osaka Prefecture, in which our association’s chairman “Kina Takagi” is involved, can be examined online without visiting the hospital. .
■ [About GLP-1 diet “Saxenda” in online medical treatment]
GLP-1 is secreted from cells in the small intestine when blood glucose levels rise after eating a meal, and binds to the GLP-1 keyhole in pancreatic cells, causing insulin to be secreted. Insulin is secreted only when the blood sugar level is high, and it is originally a gastrointestinal hormone that humans have.
The GLP-1 diet reduces hunger just by ingesting GLP-1 every day, and because it naturally satisfies you with an appropriate amount of food, you will not have too many calories, and it is possible to become thin and hard to gain weight.
The GLP-1 diet “Saxenda” is a self-administered injection once daily. The structure of GLP-1, one of the gastrointestinal hormones released from the small intestine, has been slightly modified to create a drug that is administered once a day. It plays a role in controlling blood sugar levels that rise with meals. It is approved as a treatment for obesity in the United States, and was approved in Japan in January 2010 (as a treatment for type 2 diabetes).
The effect varies from person to person, and highly sensitive people may feel nausea, anemia, or headache in the early stages of treatment. Since these symptoms are caused by overdosing, they are usually improved by adjusting the dosage appropriately. If symptoms are severe, please consult a doctor at the Medical Plus Clinic. Some people experience no side effects at all.
■《Recommended for people like this》
・ Those who did not lose weight even though they went on a diet ・ Those who are not good at exercising and do not continue
・ Those who have failed despite dietary restrictions
・ Those who always rebound
■ 《Enhanced clinic support》
[01] Counseling
During counseling, we will ask you about your beauty and health concerns. In addition, we will diagnose whether the GLP-1 diet is safe for you, such as whether you are on diabetes treatment, whether you are pregnant, or whether you are extremely thin.
[02] Reliable follow-up system
GLP-1 diet specialist staff will propose a diet plan that suits you. If you don’t see any change in your daily life or if you have any concerns about rebounding, the doctor will take care of you and relieve your anxiety.
[03] Supports beauty treatments
Medical Plus Clinic also provides beauty treatments such as wrinkle and sagging treatment, so it is possible to respond to beauty and aging care concerns other than weight loss.
[04] Online medical treatment
Since the initial counseling can be done online, it is possible for people who are far away to see a doctor. If you would like to visit us instead of online, we will provide face-to-face counseling.
*This medical treatment is completely self-pay medical treatment (medical treatment not covered by insurance).
■ 《Online medical procedure》
[STEP1] “Enter the medical questionnaire”
No reservation is required for online chat consultation.
[STEP2] “Online medical treatment”
We will examine your weight, body fat, chronic diseases, etc. Please prepare a certificate that can verify your identity.
[STEP3] Start GLP-1 diet
We will ship the drugs used in the GLP-1 diet decided based on counseling. At the Medical Plus Clinic, we have a medical diet support system of 20 people at all times. I was.
If you are interested in [GLP-1 diet “Saxenda” in online medical treatment], please feel free to contact us.
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