Reshika Co., Ltd. has decided to collaborate with Dentsu Inc. and Ryuseki Sozo Group Co., Ltd., led by Mr. Kuros aki, the founder of IDEE, in the new real estate x DAO service “ANGO DAO”! !

ANGO limited liability company
Reshika Co., Ltd. has decided to collaborate with Dentsu Inc. and Ryuseki Sozo Group Co., Ltd., led by Mr. Kurosaki, the founder of IDEE, in the new real estate x DAO service “ANGO DAO”! !
~ The first real estate developed by ANGO DAO is Nasu Kogen. General sales start from mid-March ~

General sales of “ANGO DAO”, which develops real estate x DAO, which will be the forerunner of the Web3 era, will finally start on March 22nd. We will provide the best user experience to everyone by collaborating with Dentsu Co., Ltd. in building the application and Ryuseki Souzou Group Co., Ltd. in designing the real estate in Nasu Kogen.
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The world of ANGO DAO
~ A new form of villa created by ANGO DAO with vacant houses all over Japan and around the world on Web3 ~
Recently, the increase in vacant houses, which is regarded as a problem due to population decline. In particular, there is concern that the number of vacant houses will continue to increase in rural areas due to the tendency of the population to concentrate in Tokyo and central Tokyo, which poses a risk of stagnation of the regional economy.
At ANGO, we would like to redefine the value of real estate through the fusion of digital and real, together with everyone who
participates in the DAO community.
Together with everyone in the DAO community, we will realize “evolution into usable assets” by managing idle assets in various places, and “coexistence with local people” by increasing the mobility of people to the area. We are envisioning a future where the DAO community will revitalize regions throughout Japan and around the world.
[Image 1d115886-6-ea2e9b65ccd0f23060e7-4.jpg&s3=115886-6-db6da1fb92096b19143c3c0baa3e54b4-637x542.jpg
~What you can do by participating in ANGO DAO~
By becoming a member of the ANGO DAO community, you can enjoy various rights such as real property management policies, proposals for new initiatives, acquisition of DAO tokens through staking, and your own NFT art decorations on real properties. You can make use of it.

Outline and sales plan of ANGO NASUI I, the first property
The first ANGO DAO service is a villa in Nasu Kogen.
If you listen closely, you can fully enjoy the murmuring of the brook that flows at the foot of the villa, the chirping of birds, and the appearance and scent of the trees that change with the seasons. Nasu Kogen is a town of tourism and forestry that can be reached in about an hour by Shinkansen from Tokyo. In Nasu, the magnificent Nasu mountain range spreads out, and you can fully enjoy the fresh greenery in spring and the blazing autumn leaves in autumn.
We will start the first ANGO DAO in such a charming place.
Everyone who participates in the DAO community can stay at a villa in a wonderful location in Nasu. In addition, when the DAO community is not using it, it will be open to the public as a private lodging, allowing you to get close to digital art.
~ANGO DAO Sales Plan~
ANGODAO plans to offer 3 types of sales plans.
・Premium plan: A rich plan for those who want to entrust ANGO DAO with their idle properties and those who can sympathize with the world view drawn by ANGO in the future.
・ Standard plan: A plan that allows you to participate in ANGO DAO and enjoy various rights of the community, as well as own accommodation rights and digital properties
・Light plan: I want to participate in ANGO DAO! I want to get accommodation rights through staking! Easy plan for those who say (This is a plan that starts at general sales)
For more information, please check the ANGO website.
Future plans
In the future, ANGO plans to sell to the general public and stay at properties in Nasu. The roadmap below is a plan, so the schedule may change. The latest information and details will be announced on ANGO’s Twitter and Discord, so please register if you are interested. [Image 2d115886-6-37b2877ed4a5017fdf55-3.jpg&s3=115886-6-76053c1ba7bc41e452f43cd2fc214185-1280x720.jpg

A message from our collaboration partners
~Comment from Sho , Art Director, Business Transformation Creative Center, Dentsu Inc.~
What if you could own a vacant house in Japan like a villa? There are already many people, communities, organizations and businesses that want to make use of vacant houses in some way, like ANGO’s services. ANGO uses blockchain technology to provide a way for more people to easily and directly participate in projects. We would like to help with the experience design and UI/UX part.
~Comment from Mr. Tsukasa Horinouchi, Director of Ryuseki Souzou Group Co., Ltd.~
A historic villa area on a plateau with well-equipped infrastructure, surrounded by trees in a rich natural forest, moderately far from the city center. A long time ago, when we owned a villa as a private space and used it as a place for ourselves, we have taken it as a business to share one value with everyone and have a real place to spend time and space to feel the seasons. I was very interested in the freedom and possibilities of digital art (market), and decided to participate in the creation of this space.
ANGO plans to release specific information and campaigns for the start of sales. We look forward to following you on Twitter and joining the Discord community.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our services.  Contact:
About us
◆ About Dentsu Inc.
In addition to providing various solutions for customers’ overall marketing, we promote efficient advertisement development that responds to the transformation of the digital age, optimal customer experience design, transformation of marketing infrastructure itself, and transformation of customer businesses. increase. We also provide integrated solutions that contribute to the sustainable growth of customers and society by combining diverse capabilities that have evolved beyond the marketing domain.
Company name: Dentsu Inc.
About Usagi Souzou Group Co., Ltd.
As expected, it is a concept unique to Japan expressed in kanji. The idea is to advance things by surprising people, and I interpret it as a word that came from seeing the rocks of the mountain being washed away by the water, and the soft water moving the large and hard stones. It is a company established to create a creative group that works only for what is said to be the only thing in the world. Company name: Ryuseki Souzou Group Co., Ltd. ◆ About Recica Co., Ltd.
With the mission of creating an ecosystem that maximizes the value and rights of individuals and contributing to society, we apply
decentralized technology to develop services that connect real and digital spaces.
Company name: Recika Co., Ltd.
◆ About ANGO LLC
We are planning and operating the “ANGO” service that redefines the new value of digital x real estate in the Web3 era.
Company name: ANGO GK 10th
Location: 4th floor, Otemachi First Square East Tower, 1-5-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Service planning and operation

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