Shibuya Ward introduced our BPO service, aiming to further improve the collection rate of national health insurance premiums, etc.

IT4 Co., Ltd.
Shibuya Ward introduced our BPO service, aiming to further improve the collection rate of national health insurance premiums, etc.
~ BPO service staff and local government staff working together to improve operations ~

ITFO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Tsunenori Sato) has been selected as a business operator for collecting national health insurance premiums and outsourcing delinquency collection work for Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
Our BPO service and SMS transmission system adopted by the company are scheduled to start service and system operation on April 1, 2023. [Image

◆ Background of introduction
Shibuya Ward has been working to improve the collection rate of national health insurance premiums for many years. We have introduced a payment recommendation business consignment through visits. In addition, we have worked on various reforms to improve the collection rate of national health insurance premiums, and the collection rate in fiscal 2022 has increased significantly.
In our proposal this time, we aim to further improve the collection rate, and emphasize the need to create an environment where employees and our BPO service staff can actively exchange opinions and discuss business improvement together. I was.
In addition, in addition to the SMS transmission system to be introduced this time, we also offer a wide range of solutions such as notification business systems and delinquency management systems for proposals. We believe that you agree and appreciate it.
◆Introduction overview
Shibuya Ward will introduce our BPO service for local governments and an SMS transmission system. BPO service staff are engaged in three main tasks: collection of national health insurance premiums and collection of delinquent payments, and visits to encourage payment of national health insurance premiums and long-term care insurance premiums. Among them, the SMS transmission system is mainly used for collection-related work, and sends a short message requesting a return call to the caller who did not connect to the insurance premium payment guidance.
◆ Expected introduction effect
We conduct business training at least twice a year for our staff and our BPO service staff, and provide opportunities for business improvement proposals for efficient business operations and storage rate improvement proposals, etc., so that business knowledge can be acquired accurately. , Establish a system that can provide appropriate services to residents.
In addition, by using the SMS transmission system in the
collection-related work that BPO service staff are engaged in, it is possible to reduce the number of calls in the notification work and focus on the payment recommendation and business improvement proposals through visits. Through these measures, we aim to improve the collection rate with the goals of a 2% increase in the collection rate, a 10% reduction in the number of demand letters, and a 4% reduction in the number of simultaneous notices for the year set as the operational standards for Shibuya Ward National Health Insurance premiums.
What is BPO service for local governments?
One of our solutions for municipalities. We provide the system and the operator as an integrated unit. By procuring both the system (see the service URL below) and human resources (our employees who have received specialized training in notification work) from us, you can outsource notification work at a reduced cost. In addition, as part of our efforts to contribute to society through “regional
revitalization,” we employ local residents as part-time employees in order to promote job creation in the region.
We will contribute to the collection business with BPO service, delinquency management system (CARS series), and notice business system as pillars.
◆ What is the SMS transmission system?
A system for sending messages to mobile phone numbers all at once. In contrast to general SMS services that pass customer data to mobile carriers for transmission, this system uses the SMS server and SMS gateway built in-house by the introducing company to transmit data. Since it is sent from our own environment, customer data will not go out. In 2017, we obtained a patent in recognition of this secure mechanism that achieves a high level of personal information protection.
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[About ITFO]
Since its founding in 1972, ITFO has provided IT solutions mainly to regional customers. In 1983, we developed Japan’s first overdue loan management system (auto call system), and we are contributing to regional DX and regional revitalization with solutions in various fields such as services for local governments, cashless payments, and security. increase. In order to respond to the needs of not only our customers but also the people of society beyond them with our “strength to stand by”, we will provide new value through innovation in addition to the technology and know-how that we have accumulated thus far.
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