Skydisk introduces “GitHub Copilot X” equipped with GPT-4 for all engineers in the company

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Skydisk introduces “GitHub Copilot X” equipped with GPT-4 for all engineers in the company
Established internal regulations and started PoC for active use of LLM (Large Scale Language Model) represented by ChatGPT

Skydisc Co., Ltd. (head office: Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, CEO: Asato Uchimura, hereinafter referred to as “Skydisc”), which provides DX support using AI mainly in the domestic manufacturing industry, is equipped with GPT-4 provided by GitHub. We will introduce the AI ​​programming support tool “GitHub Copilot X” for all engineers in the company. [Imaged22401-68-be31fff1b619324d8d80-4.png&s3=22401-68-352300ce46cfa668727d82a4b63b4a79-1800x562.png
■What is GitHub Copilot X?
A programming support tool provided by GitHub as an AI pair programmer that facilitates developer work by automatically completing comments and code.
On the company’s blog, “GitHub Copilot” released about two years ago has published the achievement of “writing 46% of the code and speeding up the developer’s coding by up to 55%”.
The newly released “GitHub Coplilot X” is equipped with OpenAI’s “GPT-4”. Through the chat interface, it is possible not only to propose code, but also to generate tests and fix bugs, which can be expected to further improve the productivity of engineers who use it. ■ Introduction background and future prospects (Comment from CEO Asato Uchimura) After listening to the information released by GitHub and the voices of the engineers who actually used it, my frank impression was that there was no option not to introduce it, and I immediately decided to introduce it.
OpenAI’s ChatGPT shocked the world.
Just as searching and translating on the Internet has become commonplace, so will the use of LLMs (Large Scale Language Models). We believe that it should be seen as an infrastructure rather than just a single service.
This measure is aimed at engineers, but LLM represented by ChatGPT plans to actively promote its use for all employees, including the business side.
In doing so, we quickly developed internal rules for using LLM while listening to the opinions of experts.
In addition, regarding the utilization of LLM, it is not limited to improving the efficiency and productivity of internal operations, but it does not include confidential information for future implementation and expansion of functions within the AI ​​x SaaS production planning DX service “optimal works”. We have already started PoC (demonstration experiment) in the form.
Our mission is to make manufacturing more creative.
Realize an environment in which “AI can do the work that AI can do” and “By using AI, people can concentrate on ‘creative’ work that only humans can do.”
We will continue to use the latest technology in order to improve the convenience of the customers we support, rather than relying on the latest technology.
■ Skydisc Co., Ltd. Corporate Profile
Founded in October 2013. He has a track record of DX support for more than 450 cases of about 200 companies, mainly in the domestic manufacturing industry.
Based on that knowledge and know-how, we have developed the AI ​​x SaaS production planning DX service “Optimal Works”, which will be available from April 2022.
Over 70 companies have introduced it in 8 months since its release, and the ARR has exceeded 100 million yen.
With a mission of “Making manufacturing more creative” and a vision of “Creating a world where everyone can utilize AI”.
Head office location: Akasaka Prime Building 4F, 2-3-6 Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Representative: Asato Uchimura, CEO
Established: October 1, 2013
Business description: DX support using AI, development and provision of AI x SaaS production planning DX service “optimal works”
Company website:
Service site (optimal works):
At Skydisc, we are looking for friends who share our mission and take on challenges together.
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