Soft2 Co., Ltd. More familiar support with AI assistant Mirai AI x ChatGPT realizes a new experience of voice interaction!

Soft2 Co., Ltd.
More familiar support with AI assistant Mirai AI × ChatGPT realizes a new experience of voice interaction!
– Released the phone number of the free trial counter that supports multiple languages ​​-

Soft2 Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Katsuo Jong) has announced that the AI ​​telephone automatic answering and intermediary service “Mirai AI” developed and provided by the company will be linked with “ChatGPT”, allowing you to talk with ChatGPT by voice. Mirai AI Phone GPT Free Trial Counter” is provided. [Image

ChatGPT is a service that utilizes a natural language processing model developed by OpenAI, and AI responds to text inquiries in text form. By linking with Mirai AI, it is possible to respond to telephone inquiries by voice in addition to text, enabling more intuitive and natural communication.
This free trial window also supports multiple languages, allowing conversations in Japanese, English, and Chinese.
In the demo video, you can see how you can interact with ChatGPT by voice over your phone.
demo video
[Video 2:]

Future AI phone GPT free trial window
With this release, we will publish the number that AI will answer when you ask a question by phone. This free trial window is provided as a service for general users and does not require any special apps or settings to use.
Please feel free to call us at the phone number listed below. Mirai AI will answer your questions.
*Call charges will be borne by the customer.
the next deployment
In the future, through cooperation between Mirai AI and ChatGPT, we plan to develop a telephone response service that enables even more flexible response for governments, hotels, call centers, etc. that require telephone support in multiple languages. .
About Future AI
“Mirai AI” is an automatic response service that uses AI technology to perform the primary response to the representative phone, and can consistently perform everything from asking for your business to passing it on to the designated person in charge. In addition, by immediately sharing the information of the other party interviewed by voice or text when absent, the inefficient response of the
representative call can be made more efficient, and the customer can concentrate on core business without being interrupted by the call response. You can.
Mirai AI official page:
About Softtwo Co., Ltd.
Under the corporate slogan “Voice for innovation,” Soft2 Inc. is a company that provides new value to society along with the development of communication and call technologies. We provide various services centered on voice call solutions, such as cloud-type call center system service business and cloud-type AI telephone automatic answering service business.
Company Profile
Company name: Softtwo Co., Ltd.
Representative: Katsuo Cho, Representative Director
Location: 〒103-0004 1-1-7 Higashi-nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Nomura Real Estate Higashi-nihonbashi Building 5F
Capital: 20,000,000 yen
Business description: Cloud-type call center system service business, cloud-type AI telephone automatic answering service business Details about this release:

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