Space Shower Network Co., Ltd. Morning Musume. The members run through the 25 years of ’23! Collaboration station ID with Space Shower TV is on air from today!

Space Shower Network Co., Ltd.
Morning Musume. The members run through the 25 years of ’23! Collaboration station ID with Space Shower TV is on air from today!
Space Shower TV (*), Japan’s largest music channel operated by Space Shower Network Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshito Hayashi), will start from 20:00 on March 31 (Friday). Morning Musume. The collaboration station ID with ’23 will be released. [Image 1d2929-2151-7640dce5102e02aaa773-0.png&s3=2929-2151-03fb6c58a5d3fb8cc43cf0c8ca1832be-1920x1080.png
Morning Musume celebrated its 25th anniversary year from September 2022. ‘twenty three.
Space Shower TV has announced a collaboration station ID to liven up the second half of their anniversary year!
Station ID is video content that visually conveys the message of Space Shower TV. Various creators and musicians have participated so far, and have been producing for 30 years since the station started. The title of this work is “Running through the future.”
The depth of time of 25 years, expressing the members who grasp the future with a strong figure running through it. From the world where objects that symbolize Heisei fly, we will run towards Reiwa and the future.
[Image 2d2929-2151-ae84fd91723e1d5e33fe-1.png&s3=2929-2151-6abcb90eb9561d2ed6aef58442b3c33c-1920x1080.png
[Image 3d2929-2151-b162e29f72b0c12cf457-2.png&s3=2929-2151-a49abec2f4d1c1ebd7046066d251a057-1920x1080.png
This time, the video production involved a wide range of visual expressions that crossed categories such as CG, live action, and animation. Tsuribe Tokyo, a production group that was in charge of the logo motion of all the artists who appeared in “POP YOURS”.
In the video, there are many gimmicks that tickle the hearts of not only fans but also viewers, such as the motifs of successive MVs. In addition, Morning Musume expresses the transition of the times in an abstract landscape composed of a mixture of 2D and 3D, and runs through the center with all its might. The image of ’23 is depicted with camera work that gives a sense of speed and a different dimension, and it is a work that simultaneously expresses the history of the group and the transition of the times.
[Image 4d2929-2151-673f61b39466f0826a3a-3.png&s3=2929-2151-ed4a0c0e170329100cf260b54401a9bb-1920x1080.png
Also, please pay attention to the song used by the current members, which is a re-recording of the song “Sou! We’re ALIVE” announced 13 years ago.
This work will be aired between programs on Space Shower TV from today, and will also be randomly aired on the street vision of Shibuya MODI from 3/31 (Friday) to 4/2 (Sunday). Furthermore, the full version is Morning Musume on Youtube. Published on the channel.
Please post your impressions and messages on Twitter with “#Specialist and Morning Musume”!
Also, how was this video made? A special making program will also be broadcast exclusively on Space Shower TV from 22:30 on April 17 (Monday)! A camera will infiltrate the shooting site of Station ID, and we will deliver a lot of valuable making footage and production interviews that can only be seen here. Do not miss it!
Full ver.:
Heisei ver.:
Future ver.:
▼ Shibuya street vision overview
March 31 (Friday) 20:00 to April 2 (Sunday)
Random broadcast on Shibuya MODI street vision
▼ What is a “Station ID”? A SPOT that is broadcast between programs, and an image video that conveys the identity and message of the station (broadcasting station). We make up for the parts that cannot be expressed in the program, sometimes condensing and conveying Space Shower TV to the viewers.
▼Program information
“Morning Musume. ’23 STATION ID Making Special Program’
-Broadcast schedule- 4/17 (Monday) 22:30
Starring: Morning Musume. ’23 Tsuribe Tokyo
Program HP: * The number of households that can be viewed is the largest in Japan as a broadcasting station specializing in music (as of February 2023, according to our own research)

Details about this release:

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