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Sprocket Co., Ltd. Launch of 3 new functions such as “Funnel analysis” effective for maximizing CVR of own site (Sprocket)

Sprocket Inc.
Launched 3 new functions such as “Funnel analysis” effective for maximizing CVR of own site (Sprocket)
Improving the accuracy of measures by intuitively analyzing user behavior within the site

Sprocket Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Koji Fukada) has expanded its analysis and operation support functions, and will introduce three new functions “funnel analysis”, “user flow analysis”, and “scenario result aggregation” in 2023. Available on March 29th.
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■ Funnel analysis and user flow analysis
Funnel analysis is a function that measures the number and percentage of users who have passed the steps leading to conversion and expresses them in an easy-to-understand funnel format. In order to analyze the behavior flow within the site with access analysis tools such as Google Analytics, detailed settings are required each time. Sprocket funnel analysis is easy to run on any site with a Sprocket tag and is available at no additional cost. Another feature of Sprocket’s funnel analysis is that you can set not only page browsing but also important user actions such as page scrolling and button clicking as steps. It is possible to intuitively analyze where the exit occurs in the series of flow from browsing the page to scrolling the screen and clicking the desired button. Funnel analysis can be used in combination with user flow analysis, which will be introduced next, to enable deeper analysis.
[Image 2d32195-60-64f44134a47ce76921b8-1.png&s3=32195-60-ae554c10be1ba25a5285d76614bf933b-1000x415.png
Image of funnel analysis
User flow analysis visualizes page transitions within the site in a tree format. Combined with funnel analysis, it is possible to perform in-depth analysis such as “Which page did the user who left midway through this step transition to and what kind of action did they take?” In order to perform such analysis with conventional access analysis tools, complicated settings were required. By combining Sprocket’s funnel and user flow analytics, you can easily and intuitively visualize and analyze user behavior on your site. By analyzing user behavior within the site, it can be used not only to determine where to prioritize measures, but also to estimate the user’s psychology.
[Image 3d32195-60-44dcfc7cd562056ea033-2.png&s3=32195-60-6a36999407f6cc59ba5890199cae450f-1000x630.png
Image of user flow analysis
■ Summary of scenario results
Scenario Result Aggregation is a function that outputs all the results of customer service scenarios implemented with Sprocket as a report in an Excel file. You can check the results of the customer service scenario on the Sprocket management screen, but by using the scenario result aggregation, you can output the results of the entire customer service scenario of Sprocket, including the past phases, as list data. Also, what you can check on the Sprocket management screen is the “Results of preset KPI/KGI”. In Scenario Result Aggregation, in addition to preset KPIs/KGIs, you can select any action data to verify the results of customer service scenarios. For example, even in a customer service scenario that measures results by setting “Purchase completion page arrival” as a KGI, it may actually affect “revisit to the site” and “completion rate of member registration”. By using the scenario result tally, you can analyze one customer service scenario from various angles and use it as a hint to gain more knowledge. ■ About Sprobot
All of the new features introduced can be used with the auto-response bot “SpRobot”. Sprobot runs on the project management tool “backlog” provided by Nulab Co., Ltd., and can be used free of charge by any company that has Sprocket installed. Sprocket will continue to add functions useful for analysis and operation on a regular basis as part of our efforts to provide companies with advanced conversion methods accumulated in-house. For more information on Sprobotics, please see the release below. By optimizing conversions based on user behavior, Sprocket improves client business results and provides end-users with a high-quality experience. We help build long-term relationships. We will continue to strive to form the ideal engagement between companies and end users. ■ About the CRO platform “Sprocket”
Sprocket is a CRO (conversion rate optimization) platform that analyzes online user behavior in real time and delivers the optimal content for each user at the optimal timing. We have a full set of functions that allow you to cycle the PDCA cycle, from discovering issues in sites and apps to implementing measures and analyzing them. ■ Sprocket Co., Ltd. Company Profile Sprocket Co., Ltd. is a company that provides users with the ideal customer experience through consulting that uses a platform that maximizes conversions and methods cultivated from many years of practical data. We will contribute to business growth with the mission of “creating mutually beneficial relationships between people and companies through technology.” Name: Sprocket Inc. (English company name: Sprocket Inc.) Established: April 2014 Location: 2F 44th Kowa Building, 1-2-7 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0043 Business description: Conversion optimization platform “Sprocket ”
Representative: Koji Fukada
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