Tempura technologies Co., Ltd. “Sakaba” supports Polygon Guild Tokyo and strengthens partnership with Web3 event for developers and entrepreneurs

Tempura technologies Co., Ltd.
“Sakaba” Supports Polygon Guild Tokyo, Strengthening Partnership with Web3 Event for Developers and Entrepreneurs
Collaborate with Polygon Guild Tokyo and Buildl.so Demo Day Tokyo to Support Web3 Developers and Entrepreneurs

Tempura technologies (Headquarters: Tokyo), which develops the Web3 gaming loyalty platform “Sakaba” and Web3 consulting business, will participate as a community partner at the following events for developers and entrepreneurs in the Web3 area. .
1. “Polygon Guild Tokyo – APAC Tour” Community partner
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Sakaba will participate in the “Polygon Guild Tokyo – APAC Tour” hosted by Polygon as a community partner. At this event, you can learn about the latest Layer-2 ZK-rollup technology, Polygon zkEVM, Polygon ID, etc., from discussions about the future of Ethereum. Please check the details from this URL: https://lu.ma/guildtokyo
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Community partners

2. “Buidl.so Demo Day Tokyo” Partner
Sakaba will also participate in “Buidl.so Demo Day Tokyo” as a partner. The event will give Web3 founders from around the world the chance to pitch directly to leading VCs and angel investors in the Japanese Web3 ecosystem. Plus, you’ll get key insights, strong ecosystem support, networking opportunities, and more. Please check the details from this URL: https://www.buidl.so/buidlso-demo-day-tokyo [Image 3d103353-6-abaafea52a1f02c13044-2.jpg&s3=103353-6-ef4dafa28695ce626613cf7d34ea29b0-1920x1080.jpg
Build.so Demo Day Tokyo
Through these events, Sakaba will help expand Japanese Web3
entrepreneurs and developers into the global Web3 ecosystem. ■ About Tempura technologies
Under the mission of “maximizing the liquidity of things in the world”, based on blockchain, tokens and NFT technology, we will reduce the friction between the transactions of things and capital in the world and maximize liquidity. We will continue to expand our business in various ways. We are planning to release “SAKABA”, a credential service for blockchain game players, in collaboration with domestic and overseas game projects.
・Company name: Tempura technologies Co., Ltd.
・Location: GUILDSHIBUYA 5F, 2-25-3 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ・Website: https://tempuradao.xyz/
・SAKABA website: https://sakaba.xyz/
・SAKABA Twitter: https://twitter.com/SAKABA_xyz
・SAKABA Medium: https://medium.com/sakaba-xyz
Details about this release:


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