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Terra Motors Co., Ltd. Quick charging can be introduced with Terra Charge ・Tokyo limited free plan also star ted

Terra Motors Inc.
Rapid charging can also be introduced with TerraCharge ・Tokyo limited free plan also started
A wide lineup of hardware made in Japan, from outlets to quick chargers
Terra Motors Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Toru Tokushige / President: Akihiro Ueda, hereinafter Terra Motors), which provides EV charging infrastructure “Terra Charge” with the aim of making EVs more accessible. has started providing quick charging facilities to meet a wide range of needs for EV charging. Along with that, we will offer a limited “Tokyo limited / quick charger “free” introduction plan”.

Background of providing quick chargers
Terra Motors’ EV charging infrastructure “Terra Charge” has realized an epoch-making solution of free introduction by utilizing its capital strength to solve the problem of EV conversion in Japan, which is lagging behind the world. achieved the top performance in the industry. Aiming to improve user convenience, we have been promoting the provision of charging equipment to a wide range of facilities, including accommodation facilities and commercial facilities, in order to expand the charging environment not only for condominiums but also for outings.
As the third step of innovation, we will start offering a quick charger. In order to reduce the risk of parts supply shortages in after-sales maintenance, we also provide quick chargers and equipment made in Japan. In addition, we will start a free introduction plan for quick chargers only for introduction in Tokyo.
At Terra Motors, we will continue to propose plans that make it easy to consider the introduction of EV charging equipment in order to create an environment where EVs can be more familiar.
Overview of the plan for free introduction of quick chargers limited to Tokyo ・Installation of a quick charger with a maximum output power of 50 kW (equipment and construction costs) is free of charge only for installations in Tokyo.
・Electricity charges used for charging will also be refunded. ・By using the Terra Charge system, the use of charging and the payment of charging fees can all be completed on the system.
* We also offer half-price plans for installation costs outside of Tokyo. *In the case of this quick charger, it is possible to run about 150 km with 30 minutes of charging.
■ What is “Terra Charge”?
Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure provided by Terra Motors. We manage everything from hardware to software, such as EV charging facilities, dedicated applications for setting charging times and bill payments, management clouds, and installation work for charging facilities. With “Terra Charge”, we aim to create an environment where EVs become more familiar in Japan.
“Terra Charge” service page: ■Terra Motors Co., Ltd.
Established: April 2010
Capital: 1.9 billion yen (including capital reserve)
Representatives: Toru Tokushige (Chairman of the Board), Akihiro Ueda (President and Representative Director)
Business description: EV charging infrastructure business, e-Mobility business, financial services business, Connected E-Mobility platform business
■ Inquiries about EV charging
Terra Motors Inc.
EV Infrastructure Division
Phone: 03-6823-4959
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