The Orchard Japan Love Harmony’s, Inc. will hold a one-man live “Love Harmony’s, Inc. Live 2023 “7th chord ”” at KT Zepp Yokohama!

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Love Harmony’s, Inc. will hold a one-man live “Love Harmony’s, Inc. Live 2023 “7th chord”” at KT Zepp Yokohama!

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Last year, TikTok’s “harmony challenge” created a sensation, and the mixed vocal group “Love Harmony’s, Inc.” successfully completed its first national tour in October. On March 7, 2023, the group released their first full-length album “7th chord”, which consisted of only original songs. ” was held yesterday, March 30 (Thursday) at KT Zepp Yokohama in Kanagawa, which is the largest scale for the group. First of all, 7 people appeared on the stage in the mysterious sound of overlapping voices of the members. Live started with the refreshing number “A Good Day” released in October last year. Leader Ryuichiro Sakata excitedly said, “Let’s have a great day at Zepp Yokohama! A Good Day!” Next, “No Line”, which is included in the album “7th chord”, has a rock and sprinting sound that raises the voltage of the venue all at once.
This live is limited to those wearing a mask, but it was a live show where voices were OK. Love Harmony’s, Inc. is the first vocalist live. Taisei Shima said, “From the moment we entered the venue, everyone was so kind to us! I feel like I’m going to cry!!!”
In “Feel Alive”, the members stood on a huge stepped set on the stage, surrounded by lighting that expressed a digital world, creating an atmosphere different from previous Love Harmony’s, Inc. In the following “Looking up at Orion”, the atmosphere completely changed, and the disco balls overwhelmed the whole venue as if they were in the starry sky. RyoTracks MCed, “Once again, vocalization is OK! Let’s sing the next song together and create a live performance together!” ” was sung by the members and the audience, making it an unforgettable moment for Love Harmony’s, Inc.
Shinnosuke Mitake said, “I came to Tokyo two years ago and had a difficult time. I think everyone felt the same way. I’m happy to be able to hear everyone’s voices like this now, and I’m really glad that I’ve been active. When I do a live, there are people who come to see me even from afar, so I am grateful. sang to
Taisei Shima MCed, “I’m going to play a fun song! Let’s get excited!” Performing the choreography ( that was published in advance on TikTok, it was the most exciting live performance. The group’s first original song “I Believe” released in April 2021 realized the long-awaited call and response. RyoTracks and Kento Yamada MCed, “The song is finally complete! Thank you so much everyone!” Lastly, the song “Love, Harmony”, the lead song of the album “7th chord”, produced by “Gospellers Kaoru Kurosawa”, performed harmonies where you can feel the true value of Love Harmony’s, Inc., and the main live ended. After that, the applause did not stop, and the members reappeared wearing 7th chord T-shirts. From among the “cover songs that LHI would like LHI to sing at their live
performances” that were solicited in advance on SNS, they performed an improvised version of “Happy! Fun! I love you!” (DREAMS COME TRUE cover). bottom. Love Harmony’s, Inc. has performed mainly covers of famous songs in past live performances. At this live, 16 original songs were performed, and it was a live show that showed a new side of the group. Please continue to pay attention to the activities of Love Harmony’s, Inc.
◆Love Harmony’s, Inc. Live 2023 ”7th chord” set list
1. “A Good Day”
2. “No Line”
3. “Reason”
4. “Dream of 24 colors”
5. “Feel Alive”
6. “Look up at Orion”
7. “sing”
8. “I’ll Be”
9. “Today’s Tune”
10. “Illumination!”
11. “Hambunko”
12. “I don’t wanna let you go”
13. Senkou Hanabi
14. “The story beyond the final episode”
15. “I Believe”
16. “Love, Harmony”
“Happy! Fun! I love you!” (DREAMS COME TRUE cover)
◆ Release
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2nd Full Album “7th chord” NOW ON SALE!
CD sales URL:
CD number: UXCL-296 CD price (tax included): 2,750 yen / Delivery price (tax included): Single song 250 yen Album 2,400 yen
Tracks: 1.Love, Harmony 2.A Good Day 3.The story beyond the final episode 4.Hanbunko 5.Looking up at Orion 6.Today’s Tune 7.Senkohanabi 8.No Line 9.Feel Alive 10.sing 11. I don’t wanna let you go 12. Senko Hanabi (Winter Ver.)
◆Artist photo
[Image 3d55377-608-1dec5abbfc247901add9-0.jpg&s3=55377-608-646657f10b53b5367cbbdff229bbab67-3900x2194.jpg
-From left to right: Shinnosuke Mitake, Rui Kihara, Saki, Ryuichiro Sakata, Kento Yamada, Taisei Shima, RyoTracks-
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