The OUKITEL P2001 and CN505 portable power supplies are currently on sale on Amazon for a limited time, and come with a carry cart and a 5-year warranty for free.

The OUKITEL P2001 and CN505 portable power supplies are currently on sale on Amazon for a limited time, and come with a carry cart and a 5-year warranty for free.
OUKITEL is a company that develops, manufactures and sells everything from smartphones to portable power supplies.

Currently, OUKITEL manufacturer’s directly managed stores are having a limited-time sale of up to 40% off on Amazon. If you are interested, please visit us.
OUKITEL P2001 link:
OUKITEL P2001 Limited time campaign price: 149,900 yen
If you use the discount code “34SP8229”, you will get an additional 19,100 yen off, and the final price will be 130,800 yen!
OUKITEL CN505 link:
OUKITEL CN505 Limited time campaign price: 34900 yen
At the “BATTERY JAPAN” exhibition held in mid-March, OUKITEL brand portable power supplies received much love and praise from visitors. As a thank you to our customers, we are running a limited-time lowest price campaign on the Amazon platform. Participating portable power products are OUKITEL P2001 and CN505. Interested parties are welcome to visit.
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The OUKITEL P2001 not only has a high output of 2,000W (peak 4,000W) and a large capacity of 2,000Wh, but it is also equipped with the industry’s fastest charging technology, “Overwhelming Rapid Charging”, and can be fully charged within 1.6 hours. . Not only that, the P2001 has a built-in bi-directional inverter that eliminates the need for a charger and enables 1100W fast charging with a single charging cable. By adopting a highly safe lithium iron phosphate battery, the risk of fire or chemical contamination when the battery is damaged is greatly reduced, allowing the OUKITEL P2001 to be used safely even in the event of a disaster (earthquake, eruption, etc.). I can. Not only can you use various home appliances and electronic devices for a long time without stress, but you can also supply a large amount of power as an emergency power supply in the event of a disaster.
Compared to a general portable power supply, it is equipped with a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) that switches to the P2001’s internal battery power within 0.01 seconds when commercial power is suddenly lost with simultaneous AC input and output. It can be used as a backup power supply for refrigerators, freezers, water tanks, automatic feeders, etc. when going out, as well as for disaster prevention and business use, such as crime prevention and disaster prevention monitoring equipment, network equipment, and POS terminals. Note: When using UPS (using AC output while AC charging), the total load is limited to 1100W max, and the UPS will go into overload protection if the load exceeds this.
Charging from the solar panel supports a voltage range of 12V to 48V, and if two genuine solar panels (sold separately) are connected in series, it can be charged at a maximum of about 500W, and if the conditions are good, it will be fully charged in about 5 hours. You can finish charging. The unstable electricity from the solar tracks the optimum operating point by the built-in MPPT circuit, and the maximum power from the solar panel can be efficiently charged at all times.
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OUKITEL CN505 portable power supply has a large capacity of 192000mAh /614.4Wh and supports 500W AC output. It is very convenient to secure a power supply outdoors or in the event of a disaster. You can charge 5 smartphones at the same time! You can rest assured even if you have a lot of electric luggage. It is a large capacity model that can be used safely even in environments where electricity is not available for several days LED light (30W) about 18 hours, laptop computer (50W) about 12-15 times, small drone (17WH) about 30 times, mobile phone ( 12W) can be used about 56-60 times, and a mini refrigerator (40W) can be used for about 16-18 hours!
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