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Thousand Co., Ltd. Establish the next generation leader of the kindergarten in the era of solving the waiting list problem! Hosted by Sen Co., Ltd. (lecturer: Mr. Akihide Horiuchi, Funai Research Institute Co., Ltd.)

Sen Co., Ltd.
Establish the next generation leader of the kindergarten in the era of solving the wait-listed nursery school problem! Hosted by Sen Co., Ltd. (lecturer: Mr. Akihide Horiuchi, Funai Research Institute Co., Ltd.)

Sen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Nobuaki Chiba, hereinafter referred to as our company), which aims to create happiness for children by promoting work style reforms for nursery teachers and DX in the childcare industry with ICT, is Funai Co., Ltd. General Research Institute (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka
Prefecture, President Daisuke Magai) Mr. Akihide Horiuchi was invited as a lecturer, and aimed at the person in charge of the nursery school / childcare management business, the chairman and the director of the kindergarten, March 2023 We are pleased to inform you that we will hold a free online seminar “Become a garden of choice!

◼️ Background and challenges
In recent years, as the birthrate declines and the population ages, women are playing an active role as a valuable labor force. The number of women who continue to work while raising children after giving birth is increasing, and nursery schools have become indispensable to society. On the other hand, from the perspective of hiring nursery teachers, the active job openings-to-applicants ratio in April 2022 was 1.98 times (* 1), which is still at a high level, but decreased by 0.06 points from the same month of the previous year, indicating that the “fluidity” of nursery teachers is somewhat low. A downward trend can be seen. “Recruitment of nursery teachers” is one of the key words for the industry problem of shortage of nursery teachers, but it is also essential to consider how to “fix” the current nursery teachers. In addition, since “retention” and “training” are closely related, human resources issues include three elements: “recruitment, retention, and training.”
In this online seminar, we invited Mr. Horiuchi of Funai Research Institute Co., Ltd. He will talk about the process of “growth”, how to create a division of duties from the recruitment scene, and the future image of a kindergarten that can “fix” and “develop”.
Professional advice to facilities that want to strengthen nursery development, such as “I want to improve the flow of nursery teacher recruitment that does not stop”, “I want to develop members who will lead the next generation”, and “I want to be a nursery school of choice in an era when the number of children using it stops
increasing”. I will.
*1 Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Trends in effective job opening ratio for nursery teachers (nationwide)”
■ Overview of the event
“Become a kindergarten of choice! Why is it important now to “settle” and “nurture”?”
・Date and time:
Friday, March 10, 2023 13:00~14:00
March 16, 2023 (Thursday) 13:00~14:00
Friday, March 17, 2023 13:00~14:00
*The same content will be held on all three dates. Please choose one day to participate.
・ Holding method: Web held (Zoom)
・Participation fee: Free
・Participants: Nursery school/Kodomo nursery school directors, managers, principals, human resources personnel, and labor management personnel
・ Lecturer: Mr. Akihide Horiuchi, Funai Research Institute Co., Ltd. Childcare Education Welfare Support Department
1. “Now” and “Forecast” of the childcare industry
2. Creating a workplace where people “settle”
3. Creating a workplace where people “grow”
4. Five Steps of “Work Style Reform”
-Recommended for such people-
・Person in charge of nursery school/children’s center management business, director teacher, principal teacher
・Those who are interested in fostering the next generation of kindergarten leaders
・ Those who want to know examples of improving human relations at the kindergarten
■ Flow until participation
1. Apply from the URL below
Application site:
Application deadline:
Date March 10, 2023 (Friday) → Application deadline March 9 (Thursday) March 16, 2023 (Thursday) → Application deadline March 15 (Wednesday) March 17, 2023 (Friday) → Application deadline March 16 (Thursday) 2. Participate from the viewing URL that you receive after applying *If you do not receive the e-mail by the day before, please check the following and contact us.
– Has the email arrived in your spam folder?
– Is it set to be able to receive emails from “”? ■ Lecturer profile
Funai Research Institute Co., Ltd. Childcare, Education and Welfare Support Department
Childcare Group Manager Akihide Horiuchi
Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan University (currently Tokyo Metropolitan University) Business Administration Economics Course. Nursery schools, kindergartens, certified children’s centers, revitalization of company-led childcare businesses, public
recruitment, proposals, and support for establishment of licensed nursery schools and after-school children’s clubs. Experienced in supporting small and medium-sized companies/corporations to major companies in childcare business entry such as M&A and business stabilization. In recent years, he has supported the childcare policies of many local governments.
■ Funai Research Institute Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Representative: Daisuke Makai
Address: 4-4-10 Kitahama, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture HP:
Business description: One of Japan’s largest management consulting companies with specialized consultants for small and medium-sized enterprises. Adopting a unique support style that implements “monthly support” and “management study groups” for each industry and theme, “support for growth execution”, “support for human resource
development”, “support for improving corporate value”, and “support for DX (digital transformation)” Our mission is to create many “great companies” with high social value through “. Practical consulting activities that are closely related to the site and close to management have been highly evaluated by managers in various industries and industries.
■ Inquiries about seminars
Sen Co., Ltd. Yes Cheese! System support person
Phone number: 050-1745-2953 (Reception hours weekdays: 7:00-18:00) 【Yes, cheese! What is]
“Yes cheese! (” is a comprehensive service with the motto “peace for children”, aiming to foster the happiness of children together with facilities that keep children such as nursery schools and kindergartens and parents. This is a childcare tech service.
Internet photo sales “Yes Cheese! Photo”, childcare ICT “Yes Cheese! System”, school lunch and dietary education service “Yes Cheese! x Veggie Link”, album production “Yes Cheese! Album”, video distribution “Yes Cheese! Movie”, etc. We offer a variety of childcare support services. Currently, it is one of the largest childcare services in Japan, possessing more than 10,000 childcare data, more than 2.7 million user data, and more than 100 million child image data. [What is the “Yes Cheese! System”]
Yes, cheese! The system ( is the industry’s first nursery school that provides more than 30 functions free of charge for the purpose of reducing the workload of childcare workers and promoting work style reforms for childcare workers. It is a business support system*. In the childcare industry, most of the recording work is done in “handwritten” analog communication, preventing mistakes that occur due to individuality, improving the efficiency of childcare operations, reducing overtime work, and contributing to the prevention of turnover of childcare workers. We won the grand prize in the ICT category of Baby Tech (R) Award Japan 2021, which recognizes excellent baby tech products.
-Overview of free functions-Arrival management | Parent contact | Document creation | Attendance management/shift management | Health management/nap check |
≪Sen Co., Ltd. Company Profile≫
President and Representative Director: Nobuaki Chiba
Head office: Keidanren Kaikan 13F, 1-3-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Established: October 2004
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