Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd. “Maru-chan ZUBAAAN! “Yokohama Iekei Soy Sauce Tonkotsu” New Re lease & New CM Presentation “ZUBAAAN! Summit (extra edition)” held with Ryoko Yonekura and Makita Sports on stage

Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.
-Implementation report-“Maru-chan ZUBAAAN! “Yokohama Iekei Soy Sauce Tonkotsu” New Release & New CM Presentation “ZUBAAAN! Summit (extra edition)” held with Ryoko Yonekura and Makita Sports on stage Mr. Yonekura’s “Yokohama Iekei” eating report “Don’t say Zubahn!” The owner of Ale Ramen Iida Shoten will also take the stage and talk about toppings for new members of society

Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / President: Masaya Imamura) will launch a new product in the instant bag noodle “Maruchan ZUBAAAN!” Sales will start from Monday). In commemoration of this, “Maru-chan ZUBAAAN! Yokohama Iekei Soy Sauce Tonkotsu” new release & new CM presentation was held on March 30, 2023 (Thursday) at TOKYO FM Hall.
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The new CM is Track Girl! ZUBAAAN! “I ate two bags in the middle of the night” After the new commercial was aired at the venue, Mr. Yonekura appeared in a spring-like outfit.
Regarding the new CM in which she played the role of a track girl, she commented, “When I heard that she was a track girl, I had a
mischievous image, but I was told to ‘be natural’, so I was a little embarrassed.” “How many times did I say ‘Zubahn!’!” Furthermore, when I heard the scene where he ate “ZUBAAAN!”
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Mr. Yonekura’s long-awaited “Yokohama Iekei Soy Sauce Tonkotsu” is finally here ZUBAAAN! Summit (extra edition) held
From the middle stage of the presentation, Makita Sports, and Mr. Shota Iida, the owner of the popular ramen shop, Ramen Iida Shoten, took the stage as guests.
Makita Sports, who is a fan of “Maru-chan ZUBAAAN!” even in private, commented that “ZUBAAAN!” I spoke passionately.
Mr. Iida also commented from a professional point of view, “I usually make arranged recipes, but ‘ZUBAAAN!’
Mr. Yonekura was also enthusiastic about the two people’s “ZUBAAAN!” [Image 4

Mr. Yonekura, the moment he ate it, “It’s really delicious!” Actual food report After that, three guests tried the new flavor “Maruchan ZUBAAAN! Yokohama Iekei Soy Sauce Pork Bone”. “Men” is short and thick non-fried noodles that have a chewy and straight texture with a texture similar to aged noodles. As for the “soup,” they seemed impressed by the new soy sauce tonkotsu soup, which has the aroma of chicken oil, the rich flavor of pork bones and chicken bones, and the umami and richness of soy sauce.
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 The moment Mr. Yonekura took a bite, he couldn’t help but say, “Oh! It’s delicious!” Makita Sports also seemed impressed, saying, “This is delicious. It’s the real deal.” Furthermore, Makita Sports, who touched on the toppings of “spinach, green onions, char siu, and seaweed”, said, “I thought it was a prescribed topping for the Yokohama family, so I looked at it with a stern eye. It is!” Mr. Yonekura also said, “The refreshing spinach goes really well,” and was keen on the compatibility with the toppings. Mr. Iida recommends a substitute for when you can’t prepare authentic char siu at home, saying, “I think the taste of direct-grilled char siu goes well with it, so I think it goes well with salty charcoal-grilled chicken that you can buy at convenience stores.” It was the “ZUBAAAN! Summit (extra edition)” where we talked passionately about “ZUBAAAN!” from beginning to end.
At the end of the meeting, Mr. Yonekura said to everyone who will be starting a new life in April, “I think there are many things to worry about when you start something new, but don’t keep it in your mind, ‘Say Zubahn! I want to give you the words. “ZUBAAAN! ], Zubahn! It may be important to convey your feelings,” he gave an ale.
Speaker information
Ryoko Yonekura
Born August 1, 1975.
He has starred in various works such as “Doctor-X ~ Surgeon Michiko Daimon ~” and “Newspaper Reporter”. In addition, he is a talented actor recognized domestically and internationally, being the first Japanese actor to play the leading role three times in the NY Broadway musical “CHICAGO”. The Amazon Original drama “Angel Flight
International Repatriation of the Relic” (Prime Video), which is the latest starring work, is currently being distributed exclusively worldwide.
makita sports
Born January 25, 1970.
Born in Yamanashi Prefecture. Artist, musician, actor, writer. As an actor, he won the 55th Blue Ribbon Award Newcomer Award for the movie “Train Train”. In recent years, there are many appearances such as “MONDAYS” and “What did you eat yesterday?” He also maintains his own food diary on his blog.
Shota Iida, owner of Ramen Iida Shoten
The owner of the nationwide famous Ramen Iida Shoten. Iida Shoten opened in Yugawara Town, Kanagawa Prefecture in March 2010. The shop owner’s signature dish is the mellow and crisp “Soy Sauce Ramen,” which reflects the passion of the owner to “make Japanese ramen the best in the world.” Received the Grand Prize four years in a row from an authoritative ramen magazine and was inducted into the Hall of Fame. It has become a popular restaurant nationwide, and reservations can only be made on the online reservation site, and it is so popular that it fills up within a few minutes after the reservation starts. Many people eat two bowls and go home.
New product information
New product “Maru-chan ZUBAAAN! Yokohama family soy sauce pork bone” “Yokohama Iekei Soy Sauce Tonkotsu” is a soup that allows you to enjoy the features of “Iekei Ramen” with the aroma of chicken oil (chiyu), the taste and richness of pork bones and chicken bones, and the umami and richness of soy sauce. . The noodles are also strong and straight, and use short and thick noodles to bring it closer to the image of “family ramen”.
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Overview of the event
Date and time: March 30, 2023 (Thursday) 13:00-13:50
■ Venue: TOKYO FM Hall [2F FM Center, 1-7 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8080] ■Guests: Ryoko Yonekura / Makita Sports / Shota Iida, owner of Ramen Iida Shoten ■ Contents: New commercial release / talk show / PR attraction / photo session

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