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Wiz Co., Ltd. Sustainability subsidy for small businesses Released subsidy plan for “Smartdesk IVR”, an automatic voice response system that does not miss incoming calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Wiz Co., Ltd.
[Sustainability subsidies for small businesses] Release of subsidy plan for “Smartdesk IVR”, an automatic voice response system that does not miss incoming calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Two-thirds of the target expenses, up to less than 2 million yen can be received as a subsidy

Wiz Co., Ltd., an IT general trading company, has started providing the automatic voice response system “Smartdesk IVR” and supporting small business sustainability subsidies. If a subsidized company introduces this product, it is possible to receive a subsidy of less than 2 million yen at maximum, two-thirds of the introduction cost. In addition, with this subsidy, you can also apply for services such as “flyer posting”, “WiFi flyer”, “design production subscription”, “digital signage”, “IVS camera system”, “UMaT cash register”, and “power knowledge POS”.
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What is “Smartdesk IVR”?
Opportunity loss can be eliminated by receiving calls that lead to sales in store business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and answering calls with automatic voice. By eliminating phone calls that do not lead to sales, you will be able to focus on your essential work. It is also recommended for companies that receive many inquiries from real estate, the web industry, and manufacturers.
Feature 1: Understand the phone calls that lead to sales
By sorting calls by category, new inquiries, requests for
applications, sales calls, etc. can be efficiently sorted without human intervention.
Feature 2: Never miss a call that leads to sales
You can set the response method for each task, such as directly connecting the sorted calls to the relevant person, sending a text by SMS, or playing guidance.
Feature 3: Telephone support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Various settings are possible for each day of the week and time period. If you use SMS transmission and voice transcription, you can avoid peak hours and respond more smoothly.
Feature 4: Improve work efficiency with automatic reception
Work efficiency will be improved by automatically accepting content that does not require urgent response, such as confirmation of business hours, sales calls, and matters that should be guided to the HP.
What is Small Business Sustainability Subsidy?
A small business sustainability subsidy is a small business with 5 employees (up to 20 if the conditions are met), etc., to respond to future system changes, based on a sustainable management plan. This is a system that supports efforts to improve operational efficiency (improve productivity) in conjunction with development and efforts. (Information on the 12th and 13th call for proposals.)
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◼︎ “Small Business Sustainability Subsidy”
In addition, the following tools are eligible for small business sustainability subsidies.
・Offline and highly accurate approach “posting service”
・ A highly accurate online approach “Wi-Fi leaflet”
・ All-you-can-ask service for professional designers “Design production subscription”
・Signage that accelerates business “digital signage”
・Marketing camera system “IVS camera system” with added value ・ POS cash register for restaurants “UMaT cash register”
・Ordering system for restaurants “Kantan Order”
・POS cash registers for beauty salons, salons, and osteopathic clinics “Power Knowledge POS”
If you would like to introduce or consult, please feel free to contact us from the URL below.
About Wiz Inc.
An IT general trading company that develops various DX services and promotes the digitalization of Japan. Through the IT matching platform “Wiz cloud”, we support UPDATE YOUR LIFE and enrich society and life. We can provide valuable DX services and solve as many problems as possible for people and companies with the strengths of “wide range of services over 300”, “comprehensive concierge”, “hospitable support system”, and “multiple owned media”. I am looking for a company. Company Profile
Company name: Wiz Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 12F South Shin-Otsuka Building, 2-25-15 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
President and Representative Director: Shun Yamazaki
Business description: Individual partner DX business, corporate partner DX business, condominium DX business, Wiz cloud business, HR business, M&A business

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