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Academist Co., Ltd. Academist and RIKEN Mathematical Creation Program (iTHEMS) will jointly hold an online eve nt “The World of Science 2023” on April 22nd.

Academist Co., Ltd.
Academists and the RIKEN Mathematical Creation Program (iTHEMS) will jointly hold an online event “The World of Science 2023 through Mathematics” on April 22nd.

Academist Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ryosuke Shibato, hereinafter Academist) will open on April 22, 2023
(Saturday), RIKEN Mathematical Creation Program (Location: Wako City, Saitama Prefecture, program Director: Tetsuo Hatsuda, hereinafter iTHEMS) will hold an online event “The World of Science 2023” in collaboration with Mathematics.

“The world of science that can be read with mathematics” is an online event held every April since 2020. iTHEMS, the organizer, conducts cross-disciplinary research in various scientific fields such as physics, biology, and space using “mathematics” as a common language. I will give a 30-minute lecture so that junior high and high school students can understand. There will also be time for questions and comments from the general public.
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Date: April 22, 2023 (Sat) 10:00-16:30 (doors open at 9:45)
Location: Web conferencing service “Zoom” (Invitation URL will be provided to applicants in advance)
Participation fee: Free
Target audience: Junior high school students, high school students, working people (anyone can participate)
Organizer: iTHEMS
Co-sponsor (planning, operation, promotion): Academicist
Application / special site URL: [Speakers and presentation titles]
– Dr. Ryo Namba “The end of the universe, the first step to know the unknown” – Dr. Keisuke Adachi “Learning from Herds: What Happens When Moving Objects Gather?”
– Dr. Takumi Doi “Supercomputer – Exploring the Microscopic World -” – Dr. Natsuki Tomita “The World of Elementary Particle Experiments on a Bicycle” – Dr. Yuto Moriwaki “Is Mathematics the Queen of Science?”
* As part of the lunch break project, we are also planning to stream “Burari Riken iTHEMS Stroll: Lunchtime Future Science Chat”. ■ About iTHEMS
The RIKEN Interdisciplinary Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences Program (iTHEMS) is a new international research base of RIKEN where researchers in the theoretical, mathematics, and computational sciences promote basic research across disciplines. is. At iTHEMS, we aim to elucidate the universe, matter, and life, and to solve basic problems in society, through cross-disciplinary methods centered on mathematics.
– Website
■ About Academicists
Academist is a venture company that aims to create a new form of academia in which resources such as funds, information, and human resources circulate through researchers themselves disseminating information. In 2014, he released Japan’s first academic crowdfunding site “academist”. With the mission of “Researchers are active, we connect them.” “We are expanding our business.
– Academic crowdfunding site “academist” – Corporate site
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