Active at events Snack Me sells body-friendly original logo muffins that can be used at events

Snack Me Co., Ltd.
[Active at events] Snack Me sells body-friendly original logo muffins that can be used at events

Snack Me Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director: Shintaro Hattori) is a “snack experience maker” that creates and provides snack experiences at all points of contact with consumers beyond the subscription EC area. We are strengthening our corporate gifting business (providing snacks at events and as novelties/sales tools, etc.). Along with that, we are pleased to inform you that we will be accepting orders for body-friendly muffins with cookies printed with original logos and messages, which can be mainly used at corporate events.
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●Background of product planning
As the situation with the corona crisis gradually settles down, the need for events hosted by companies is increasing.
If you have original snacks only for your company or your own brand, you can start a little conversation and create a sense of unity at the event. It was developed with the desire to provide snacks that can be enjoyed from the heart without feeling guilty.
We will deliver delicious and healthy Snack Me muffins with designs for each company or brand.
●Voices of companies that used the event
Comment from Catlog
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from the members
·happy! It will be memorable!
・Thank you for making it so beautiful (including the logo part) ・ You can feel the technology by expressing even the smallest details In the comments, the overall impression was surprise, excitement, and joy! It was overwhelmingly more eye-catching than other dishes, and employees were gathered.
Comment from RUNTRIP
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We are happy to have our own logo! In addition to the impression that it was a rice flour muffin, it was very moist and delicious! A lot of comments were sent.
Comment from YOUTURST
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From those who participated in the event that provided muffins, ・It looks cute!
・I was surprised that the taste was so delicious!
I received a lot of comments.
Company logo cookie Original muffin Product overview
・Lemon tea
・Osatsu apple
*Flavors can be selected in units of 100
Information is available in units of 100
500 yen/piece (excluding tax/shipping fee)
Delivery in as little as 4 weeks
Delivery at room temperature
* Refrigerated from April to September
*If you have a freezing facility, it is possible to receive frozen delivery the day before.
We will deliver items with an expiration date of 7 days or more from the date of arrival.
Please contact us using this form
The person in charge will conduct a hearing.
[Points to note when sharing logo data]
・Please share AI data or PDF data
・Complicated data may not be engraved
・Designs such as fluorescent colors and gradations may not show the color. ・Please contact us if you would like more than one logo.
Overview of Snack Me Co., Ltd.
Our philosophy is to make the world more interesting with snacks. We believe in and explore the possibilities of snacks. More technology and ideas for snacks. We make society better with snacks. Based on this idea, we will create a brand that provides the experience of “snacks” instead of “sweets”. As a new digital snack maker, we will continue to improve our service as an “eternal beta version” by utilizing customer feedback like a web service, and continue to take on interesting challenges that are not bound by the framework of the confectionery industry.
Location: 44-1 Nihonbashi Hakozakicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Imas Hakozaki Building 8F Representative: Shintaro Hattori, President and CEO
Business description: Food development, manufacturing and sales Official Instagram:
Official Twitter:
Corporate site: official website:
Inquiries regarding this matter
Snack Me Co., Ltd. Public Relations Kusano
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