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Aena Co., Ltd. “Always close to students” is highly evaluated by job hunting students. Aena wins GOLD at ” ONE CAREER Job Hunting Review Award 2023″!

“Attitude that always stays close to students” is highly evaluated by job-hunting students. Aena wins GOLD at “ONE CAREER Job Hunting Review Award 2023”!
We conduct selection that emphasizes handwritten letters and face-to-face interviews for each internship participant.

Aena Co., Ltd. (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masako Baba), which operates the beautiful and energetic anti-aging specialty store “Aena”, is sponsored by One Career Co., Ltd., which operates the job hunting site “ONE CAREER”. Received the GOLD Award in the venture category of the Job Hunting Review Award 2023. This award is given to 8 companies out of about 600 target venture companies that are “really glad to receive” based on the experiences of job-hunting students.
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In addition, this press release supports the “Job-hunting dialogue project” and sends out the voices of recruiters who face students honestly.
Thoughts and implementation details for hiring new graduates in 2011 In implementing the recruitment of new graduates in 2011, the first major decision was whether to proceed with the event format
[face-to-face] or [online].
Various opinions were exchanged within the company, but in the end, the recruitment team decided that they would like to have a close relationship with students who are engaged in job hunting as new graduates, a once-in-a-lifetime event. was started as the
[face-to-face] main axis.
Holding an event face-to-face during the COVID-19 crisis was not an easy task because it required a lot of operational considerations and ingenuity. Job-hunting students who graduated from the previous year’s 22nd year who were engaged in activities said, “I was relieved to be able to talk directly face-to-face,” and “I was able to feel the warmth of people who could not feel it on the web, and my anxiety was relieved.” This is because many people have told us that meeting them in person relieves their anxiety and gives them a sense of security.  The situation of job-hunting students has changed significantly as well as the company side, and job hunting due to the corona crisis. Even in a major turning point, we put first priority on “getting close to students”, and when they participated in an internship, we handed out a handwritten letter to each student. rice field.
Looking at the word-of-mouth comments from the 23 graduates who led to this award, we received many comments about the charm of people, such as “I was an intern who could feel the warmth of people.” I am filled with joy because I feel that the award was given because my thoughts have reached the students.
The start of hiring 25 graduates is imminent again this year. In the internships that start in the summer, we are designing events with the aim of having you experience “Aena’s sense of values”. How can we solve Japan’s social problems in the future? what does it mean to work We will tell you the answers that Aena thinks about such various questions through various works.
Thoughts on hiring
Nozomi Saotome, Human Resources Development Office, Aena Co., Ltd. [Image 2d118647-1-932740a0f7563fc6b7c0-1.jpg&s3=118647-1-0a7d74ebc8473ccd4a5cbfb5198b7077-2025x2700.jpg
“Mutual understanding and mutual support” is one of our company’s approaches to human resource development. Working together is based on understanding each other first and then helping each other.
By understanding oneself and others, each employee can put themselves in a position where they can demonstrate their strengths and help each other to achieve results. We also offer a number of programs to assess career aptitude for this purpose.
However, in order for the other person to understand you, you must first understand yourself deeply. This becomes the base.
“Self-analysis”, which is often heard during job-hunting activities, is not only an important foundation for determining one’s aptitude, but also for creating mutual understanding.
There is a saying that “environment nurtures people”, but we have many members who can be respected regardless of their age. In the few years since I joined the company, there have been big positive changes in my outlook on work, my outlook on life, and the way I perceive various things.
I really like the proverb, “The more the rice grows, the more the head bows.” The members of our company are just like Inaho, who are always eager to learn and who never forget to be humble when learning from others. I can assert that I was able to grow greatly by meeting these friends at this company.
I think that there will definitely be moments in the future when you are confused about how to choose a company. can you imagine I would be happy if you could use it as one judgment material.
Voices of new graduates joining the company in 2022
[Image 3d118647-1-4ed312e1685f1cbe94a2-2.jpg&s3=118647-1-d1cf54646c7e6e4dc83be314a0147d96-1108x1477.jpg
━Please tell us about an episode from your job-hunting days. My best memory is the letter I received when I participated in the Aena internship. You taught me a lot of good points, such as my strengths and attitude to work. Even after the internship, I regularly read it again and got my energy back.
━What did you feel about the company’s interviews and selection process? I felt that the company really valued my essential way of thinking, not my superficial self.
During interviews and selections, I was often asked questions about my roots, such as “Why do you think you were able to take that action?” As I answered, I was able to notice the source of my motivation that I hadn’t even noticed.
━Were there any gaps after joining the company?
“It’s a gap in a good way, but there were many energetic employees.” I thought that there were more quiet people, but it was a lively company with bright voices. There are a lot of people who are good at giving compliments, and I am proud of the fact that there are many cool people who give compliments when they pass each other.
━What message do you have for job-hunting students?
I feel that the period of job hunting was a great opportunity to sit down and face myself. After worrying, I think that a good relationship is waiting for you, so I would be happy if you could work positively and enjoy it.
About recruiting new graduates in 2013
* Recruitment acceptance for new graduate recruitment in 2012 has ended. About Aena Co., Ltd.
Challenge to create a low-price platform (providing low-priced, high-quality products to all income groups and offering product choices to all people) to realize a world where there is no difference in experience. doing. Currently, we are developing our business in the cosmetics and food fields, and in addition to selling products at physical stores and online channels, we also design and develop original cosmetics, beauty goods, and health foods in-house. Company Profile
Company name: Aena Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Masako Baba
Established: July 2004
Location: YK Building 10F, 2-2-16 Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0024 Capital: 50 million yen
Number of employees: 490 (including part-time workers) *As of April 1, 2022 URL:
Business description: Chain development of “Aena”, a store
specializing in beauty and vitality for anti-aging. Aena is Japan’s first anti-aging specialty chain store that handles health foods, cosmetics, and beauty goods.

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