atmos pink The brand “eicHi!” directed by the popular dancer HOnOKA and atmos pink’s collaboration wear will be on sale!!

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Atmos pink collaboration wear with the brand “eicHi!”, directed by the popular dancer HOnOKA, will be on sale!! Reservation sales start on April 13 (Thursday)♪

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Pre-orders start from April 13th (Thursday)!! A collaboration item between atmos pink and the brand “eicHi!”, where the popular dancer HOnOKA is the director himself, will appear. There are 4 items: a fitted dress that shows off your body line, a trendy see-through top with a full pattern, a versatile T-shirt that comes in different sizes and silhouettes, and trendy pants with a beautiful line that folds back at the waist. deployment. The color lineup makes it easy to mix and match, and each item has a catchy collaboration logo♪The see-through tops, T-shirts, and pants are designed to be used in dance scenes. An original sticker is included as a bonus for pre-ordering from the online store, and you can also apply for dance workshops by HOnOKA held at atmos pink Flagship Harajuku and Shinsaibashi! It is also decided that HOnOKA will stand in the store. If you purchase collaboration wear, you can take a two-shot check (heart)
■April 13th (Thursday) – April 19th (Wednesday): Pre-order sales at atmos pink Online store Privilege: HOnOKA dance workshop application / Original sticker included
■April 22 (Sat): Sales start (atmos pink Flagship Harajuku / Shinsaibashi) ■ May 3 (Wednesday): Dance Workshop at atmos pink Flagship Harajuku ■ May 14th (Sun): Dance workshop at atmos pink Shinsaibashi store Bonus: HOnOKA will be in store on the day of the workshop, and those who purchase collaboration items will be able to take a two-shot cheki [PRODUCT]
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NAME : eichi HOnOKA × atmos pink tight dress with collar
COL: Purple , GRAY , BLACK
PRICE : ¥12,100 (in tax)
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NAME : eichi HOnOKA × atmos pink whole pattern sheer tops
COL : Pink , Sax , Black
PRICE : ¥6,490 (in tax)
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NAME: eichi HOnOKA x atmos pink T-shirt
COL : Pink, White, Black
PRICE: ¥6,050 (incl. tax)
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NAME : eichi HOnOKA × atmos pink sweatpants
PRICE : ¥10,780 (tax included)
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From atmos, a shop that continues to spread Tokyo’s sneaker culture to the world, this is a concept shop that proposes a new style of sports mix for women.
・JAMOSA One-Man Live Back Dancer/iLoved Back Dancer/Hair Chalk Borboleta PV/CIMBA BASARA PV・EN×Daichi Miura Back Dancer/Ryosuke Miura Back Dancer/EverZOne SASUKE Back Dancer/Yoko Oginome Back Dancer/Pepsi “J-cola” CM Dancer / Reina Tanaka Back Dancer / Diadora Japan Dancers / t- Ace “Kuzu no Hana” MV Dancer / Miyuki Watanabe 2018, 2019, 2020 Tour Back Dancer / Miyuki Watanabe “Cheek-tik-Cheek” MV Dancer / AYA a.k.a PANDA BABY-T “Maru saturday night” MV dancer

Idol group CoLoN: “fresh” “magical colon” “TOKYO” choreography / Shibuya Music Festival SSDW dance performance 10 minute choreography / t-Ace “Kuzu no Hana” choreography / Reina Tanaka “JOKER” choreography / MADKID new song “circus” choreography / Miyuki Watanabe
“Cheek-tik-Cheek” choreography / boomtriger “party Must Go On” choreography / lol “sun kissed love” choreography / FUSION “Rejoice” choreography

ABOUT “eicHi!” / Direction apparel brand by dancer HOnOKA. We propose items that can be worn not only as daily wear, but also as dance wear. A brand based on the concept of a design that makes you feel and shine just by wearing it.
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