Azoom Co., Ltd. The number of subleased monthly parking lots for Azoom exceeded 20,000 units.

Azoom Co., Ltd.
Azoom’s monthly parking lot subleasing number surpassed 20,000 units ~Parking lot sublease~

Efficient management and optimal solution proposals are realized by creating our own database of huge amounts of information.
As of the end of March 2023, Azoom Co., Ltd., which is engaged in subleasing and intermediary services for parking lots, has reached its 14th term, and has exceeded 20,000 subleased parking lots on a monthly basis.
Our company has increased the number of subleased monthly parking lots with the mission of [Eliminating “mottainai” from the world]. In April 2023, the number of properties under management will exceed 2,500, and the number of subleased parking lots is steadily increasing in this fiscal year as well.
In addition, according to a survey by the Japan Marketing Research Organization, we have achieved four crowns for the cumulative number of inquiries, the number of annual inquiries, the number of annual users, and the number of monthly parking lot listings on the monthly parking lot search site.
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