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[Beauty and health online shop delivery center] Notice regarding delivery during the GW period.

Notice regarding delivery of “Beauty and Health Online Shop”. [Image 1d54365-622-ac23b322b4882056a617-5.jpg&s3=54365-622-92e67523b830af16be20404d4e4bf1e4-800x526.jpg
[Image 2d54365-622-72bb835aa6714ac583f5-0.jpg&s3=54365-622-5ca25f98537b364e4ce32ba3879b2c48-772x1354.jpg
Thank you for always using ZUKACHIN.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but during the GW (Golden Week) period, the shipping business will be closed as follows.
|Wednesday, May 3, 2023 to Sunday, May 7, 2023|Therefore, we apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers as it will take a long time from order to delivery.
Produced by popular YouTuber Sacchan channel! Vitality Supplement ZUKACHIN [Image 3d54365-622-6413a19f4056e334635d-1.jpg&s3=54365-622-b7cb6f738031fe4c11391cbbc15236c5-1062x680.jpg
[Image 4d54365-622-9005f4ccec08a18c8707-2.jpg&s3=54365-622-6cba2ae6998a2b4f405779a1fa5c8584-1480x1296.jpg
ZUKACHIN does not use highly addictive animal ingredients, but mainly uses plant-derived ingredients that are commonly eaten, so you don’t have to worry about the odor peculiar to vitalizers. It is a vitality supplement that considers not only the body of men, but also the women who are partners.
Ingredients Maca powder (manufactured in Peru), dextrin, ginseng powder, zinc-containing yeast, donkat ali powder, guarana extract powder (dextrin, guarana extract), L-citrulline, red gaucurua powder, mucuna extract powder (mucuna extract) , dextrin), egg white peptide (including eggs) / gelatin, calcium stearate, fine silicon oxide, L-arginine, coloring (titanium dioxide) Contents 25.02g (417mg (contents 340mg x 60 capsules)) Consume Please take about 2 tablets per day with water or lukewarm water. *Please handle hygienically without touching with wet hands.
Made in Japan because we want you to use it for a long time
[Image 5d54365-622-f22b60ddd8388e509d5e-4.jpg&s3=54365-622-8510897eb79c63f4c44a9532fb30c05b-1876x1256.jpg
Manufactured in a GMP certified factory so that you can use ZUKACHIN with peace of mind. Because it is directly taken into the body, we perform thorough hygiene management.
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