Buffalo Co., Ltd. “Omoidebako PD-2000 Series” won the overall gold award at the “DGP Mobile Award 2023 ”

Buffalo Co., Ltd.
“Omoidebako PD-2000 Series” Wins Overall Gold Award at “DGP Mobile Award 2023”
The “Omoidebako PD-2000 Series” by Buffalo Co., Ltd. (head office: Nagoya City, President: Hiroyuki Maki, hereinafter Buffalo), a member of the Melco Holdings (Higashi / Mei 6676) group, is sponsored by Ongen Publishing Co., Ltd. At the “DGP Mobile Award 2023”, an award selected by professional photographers and critics for all solutions related to “smartphone cameras”, we won the overall gold award in the photo/recording item category and the gold award in the digital photo album category.
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“Omoidebako” imports photos and videos from smartphones and digital cameras and automatically organizes them easily, providing the joy of looking back on important memories with people close to you on the TV in your living room or your smartphone. A digital photo album. Equipped with a large-capacity hard disk that can store up to 1 million contents (or until the capacity runs out), you can comfortably leave more photos and videos of your family. By connecting this product to a network using a Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi repeater, or LAN cable, you can import photos and Enjoy browsing. Supports importing and playback of 4K*/HEVC videos from smartphones.
Videos with a resolution higher than 4K (3840 x 2160) cannot be imported. Also, 10-bit color recording format movies cannot be imported regardless of the resolution. Some videos with a frame rate exceeding 60 fps may not be played smoothly due to image stuttering or sound skipping.
Award-winning comments from the judges
Solve the ever-increasing problems of photos and videos at once! [Image 2d17378-82-ac43ab4346ec22a43468-3.png&s3=17378-82-e2e2d7686dd427c6ed90f375e63d9315-200x200.png
Judge Kazushi Momoi
The ever-growing number of photos and videos taken with smartphones. There must be many people who are worried about storage and
organization, and wish they could easily look back on it. This “Omoidebako” solves such problems at once and makes you enjoy your memories easily. The TV in the living room, smartphone, etc., can be viewed anywhere you like. It is also recommended for those who are not good at PC operation.
Enjoy photos and videos easily and comfortably without a PC
[Image 3d17378-82-07bea74ee1b9db72620b-4.png&s3=17378-82-24e7f40ba40de2966d506647f85d377f-200x200.png
Judging Committee Mr. Kumio Yamada
“Omoidebako” allows you to easily save what you’ve taken with your smartphone and enjoy it on your TV. The latest “PD-2000 series” has a larger HDD capacity and supports 4K video storage. The loading speed has become faster, and the operation has become more crisp and comfortable than before. It is also safe to automatically upload to Google Photos. The perfect item for enjoying photos and videos without a PC.

What is the DGP Mobile Award?
[Image 4d17378-82-dce83def5ec219cddb7a-0.jpg&s3=17378-82-d4bc69e12f6a34112fbbb627e1d7e71b-200x223.jpg
This award is for all solutions related to “smartphone cameras” such as “shooting”, “watching”, and “retaining”. Only items approved by professional photographers and critics are selected. The overall gold award is the MVP of this term, which is the top category award, with only 1 or 2 models each selected from the smartphone category, video/distribution item category, and photo/recording item category.

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