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Bunkyosha Supervised by a professor at the University of Tokyo A funny matchup “Japanese history”

-Resend / Missing author’s profile- Supervised by a professor at the University of Tokyo, a funny goro match “Japanese History Edition” 98 basic important things to remember

Bunkyosha Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Shuji Yamamoto) will publish “Supervised by Professors of the University of Tokyo, a Popular Goro Match [Japanese History Edition]” (Junji Hotta, Sayuri Segawa / Written by Kazuto Hongo / Supervised) on April 6, 2023. Released on In 1582, during the Incident at Honnoji, Nobunaga was wearing strawberries (1) go (5) pants (8) pants (2)—!?
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“Your Majesty! This is a rebellion!”
For some reason, Oda Nobunaga, who was changing his clothes, caught the eye of Ranmaru Mori when he rushed over.
From 2022, “Comprehensive History” will be a compulsory subject. As a result, Japanese history, which was an optional subject, became a compulsory subject for students.
In this project, we aim to create a historical reference book with a new sense of “remembering even if you don’t like it” with a strong image by fusing soft thinking and impactful manga. Supervised by Professor Kazuto Hongo, professor at the University of Tokyo! I have a lot to memorize history, so I’m not good at it… For those students, first of all, let’s have fun and quickly learn the minimum knowledge with gag manga!
Kazuhito Hongo, a historian of Japanese history and a professor at the University of Tokyo, was invited to supervise history, covering recurring items that can withstand the examination. The contents are very fulfilling.
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I (1) I (1) Mu (6) Na (7) Mr. Kiyomori of Ge…-In 1167, Taira no Kiyomori became Grand Minister of State-
As an editor, I also memorized all 98 items (even though I didn’t edit so seriously). I may never use it again…
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[Author profile]
Kazuto Hongo [History Supervisor]
Born in Tokyo in 1960. Professor at the Historiographical Institute of the University of Tokyo. Doctor of Literature. Studied under Susumu Ishii and Fumihiko Gomi at the University of Tokyo and its graduate school. Specializes in medieval Japanese political history and archival studies. Responsible for compiling “Dainippon Shiryo Vol. 5”. His publications include “Key Points in Japanese History”, “Jokyu War” (Bunshun Shinsho), “Japanese Military History” (Asahi Shinsho), “Ran and Hen no Japanese History” (Shodensha Shinsho), “Thinking about Japanese History” (Kawade new book). He has supervised many such as “The University of Tokyo Professor Teaches Dangerous Japanese History” (Diamond Publishing).
Sayuri Segawa [manga]
Debuted after receiving the Shonen Magazine Rookie Award. Active in a wide range of genres, including boys’ magazines such as “Sirius”, girls’ comics, comicalization, and illustrations. He also wrote TL works based on history, such as “Sadame to die in love – Saigo Shogun Yoshinobu”.
His forthcoming publications include “Let’s Work Happily Through Manga: The Fastest Way to Become an Influencer” (Shueisha), and “The University of Tokyo Professor Teaches Important Things About Japanese History with 36 Manga” (Kodansha).
Junji Hotta [Original manga]
Editor, original manga author. He started working as a manga magazine editor when he was in college, and later published his own works. His main publications include “Moe Moe Japan”, “Boku to Tsundere and Heidegger”, “My Wife’s Torisetsu with Manga”, and “36 Mangas to Understand the Important Things About Japanese History Taught by a University of Tokyo Professor”. be.
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