Cainz Co., Ltd. Renewal of the Cainz official corporate website

Cainz Co., Ltd.
Renewal of Cainz official corporate website
– Easier to see, easier to use, and more fun. To the site where you can learn more about Cainz

Cainz Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture, President and CEO: Masayuki Takaya) renewed the Cainz official corporate website today, April 24, 2023 (Monday).
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Cainz Co., Ltd. Official corporate website: In this renewal, we have completely revamped the web design and UI design so that it is easy to see on any device, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and you can find the information you need without getting lost. In terms of content, in addition to corporate information such as corporate philosophy and company overview, and news releases that provide the latest information on Cainz, we have added a new content page that will delve deeper into interesting topics about Cainz.
Through the renewed official company website, Cainz up to now and in the future, based on Cainz’s new brand concept “Lifestyle DIY”, which aims to make the daily life of each customer, family, and community enjoyable. I will tell you the information that you can know more and become a fan.
We will go beyond the framework of “KAINZ” that we have created ourselves, and evolve from a company that sells things to a company that delivers creative ideas. Please look forward to it.
■ Improved web design and UI design. Improved usability and visibility In addition to standardizing the design with other Cainz official sites such as the online shop and recruitment information
comprehensive site, we reviewed the site structure to make it easier to understand. It’s easy to navigate, and you can get to the information you want without getting lost. In addition, it adopts a responsive design and is optimized for smartphones. Easy to view on any device. In addition, we have improved the application forms, such as the business partner recruitment page, so that they are easier to fill out.
■ Added content page. Getting to know Cainz is even more fun By carefully listening to the problems, interests, and needs of each region, we aim to realize a “town” (≒community) where people can become independent, have fun together, and help each other, and where each person can play a leading role. We will introduce various topics related to the company Cainz, such as initiatives based on the “concept” and the DIY lives of the players and staff of Thespakusatsu Gunma, which Cainz supports as an official uniform partner, from news releases.
As a place for communication with stakeholders, we will continue to provide information in a timely manner while further enhancing information and evolving into a more attractive site.

-About Cainz-
Cainz Co., Ltd. is a home center chain with 232 stores in 28 prefectures. Based on the brand concept of “living DIY”, we develop valuable products and services that enrich our lives and provide them at reasonable prices every day. By striving to create stores that are full of kindness and creative ideas, we will make the daily lives of each customer, family, and community enjoyable, and offer our promise to our customers, “Larala, to live.” I will deliver.
-Overview of Cainz Co., Ltd.-
Representative: Hiromasa Tsuchiya, Chairman and CEO: Masayuki Takaie Founded: March 1989 Headquarters location: 1-2-1 Waseda no Mori, Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture Capital: 3.26 billion yen Business
description: Home center chain Number of management employees: 13,086 (end of February 2023) Number of stores: 232 Official site: (corporate site) (online shop) (official Twitter) (My Neighbor Cainz)
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