Chaos Map 2023 for Project Introduction Service -For Freelance Consultants- Released

Kodawari Business Consulting Co., Ltd.
Chaos Map 2023 for Project Introduction Service -For Freelance Consultants- Released
Categorize the “project introduction service” site for free consulting by the company from which the representative came

Kodawari Business Consulting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo / President: Ryusuke Otanai), which operates a consulting business, is a consulting industry media that disseminates the latest trends in the industry and knowledge useful for business from the perspective of active consultants. The latest version of “Consul Project Introduction Service Chaos Map” has been released on “Consul’s such things, such things” (
In proportion to the growing demand for freelance consultants, the number of consulting project introduction services is also increasing. The chaos map released this time was created with the aim of helping freelance consultants who are worried about finding a job to find a job introduction service that matches themselves.
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In recent years, the demand for freelance consultants has increased along with the expansion of the consulting industry. On the other hand, it is difficult to find a project using only the connections of individual freelancers. In addition, the project introduction service is effective not only for freelance consultants, but also for companies that need consulting human resources on the spot.
In the chaos map released this time, 30 services are classified and visualized by the company from which the operating company
representative originated.
There is a tendency for many representatives from major consulting firms to be representatives of companies that operate consulting project introduction services. Among them, there are boutique consulting firms that not only provide project introduction services but also provide consulting services. These companies have highly unique prime projects that even major companies do not handle, so there are many opportunities to meet attractive projects.
■ How to read the chaos map
They are classified into the following categories according to the company from which the representative of the management company of each consulting project introduction service originated.
[Major consulting firm] He graduated from a major consulting firm. Further subdivided for each farm. ACN = Accenture
DTC = Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting
 PwC = PwC Consulting
EY = EY Strategy and Consulting
 Other major firms = Major consulting firms other than the above [Human resource service] Worked at a company related to recruitment or temporary staffing.
[SI system] He came from a company related to system integrators. Consulting project introduction service Chaos Map 2023 is posted on “Consulting such things, such things”, and you can also check the list of services and operating companies.
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table of contents
1. What is consulting project introduction service?
2. About consulting project introduction service and chaos map 3. List of posted service sites (by company from which the
representative of the operating company originated)
4. consideration
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