Coffee Style UCC Co., Ltd. A limited number of boxes with Moomins popping out from CAFE@HOME! “CAFE@HOME Moominvalley SPRING BOX”, where you can feel Finnish spring, will be released on April 28th.

Coffee Style UCC Co., Ltd.
CAFE@HOME has released a limited number of boxes that pop out the Moomins! “CAFE@HOME Moominvalley SPRING BOX”, where you can feel Finnish spring, will be released on April 28th.

COFFEE STYLE UCC Co., Ltd. (Headquarters / Kobe City, Hyogo
Prefecture, Representative Director / Nobuhito Tanahashi) is a collaboration between the Finnish-born story character “Moomin” and “CAFE@HOME (cafe at home)”, “CAFE@HOME Moomin”. Set 6P SPRING BOX to enjoy Tani FIKA” will be released in limited quantities from Friday, April 28, 2023.
*The release date may vary depending on the store.
A limited number of new products from the popular Moominvalley series! A SPRING BOX that pops out the Moomins when the box is opened From the highly popular “CAFE@HOME Moominvalley series”, we will introduce a new special box for Finnish spring.
In Finland, May is the peak of spring.
The exterior is designed with the Moomins gathering in the spring flower garden. When you open the box, the Moomins spending time around spring flowers are designed, and the design inside pops out in three dimensions. With a yellow-green package that evokes the fresh feeling of a new life, it is a product that makes you feel the Finnish spring. [Image 1d114342-6-8ab0dcddc0cd51b72e0d-0.png&s3=114342-6-125b61aadc45c1659d462c4a0c02c165-1500x1125.png
[Image 2d114342-6-d0d9b78b90677cf4463b-1.png&s3=114342-6-424fcb25c3349d366fc91da08e227267-1500x1125.png

■ Product details
CAFE@HOME Moomin Valley FIKA set 6P SPRING BOX 2,322 yen (tax included) A set of 6 cups of coffee with 3 flavors that will brighten up your daily coffee time.
[Image 3d114342-6-151d1eebaad740eadb7c-2.png&s3=114342-6-dac578c4ac7b7e27e0fa2b972d05cbb4-768x767.png
■CAFE@HOME Moominvalley Sweets and Friends 2 pieces
A coffee with a rich aroma and gentle sourness and richness that you can enjoy with sweets. It’s a perfect cup for spending time with friends and sweets.
The package is designed with a scene where Moomin and Snufkin talk over coffee.

[Image 4d114342-6-55e2c089feb654a2ea9e-3.png&s3=114342-6-3352c80717197652bcc5048aaa67983a-768x767.png
■CAFE@HOME Moominvalley Morning Blend 2 pieces
Coffee that you want to enjoy with pancakes combined with sweet and sour berries such as blueberries and raspberries. It has a gentle and refreshing flavor, and is perfect for waking up in the morning. The package is designed with a scene where Moominpappa talks to Moominmamma with a cup of coffee in hand.

[Image 5d114342-6-2c41fe993ee5dfaaae47-4.png&s3=114342-6-635f270fd82bd8d7582a6ef2afa9a273-768x767.png
■ CAFE@HOME Moominvalley Afternoon Blend 2 pieces
A coffee that goes well with the classic Scandinavian Finnish snack “cinnamon rolls”, and you can also enjoy it deliciously in cafe au lait. With its mellow, gentle acidity and richness, it’s a drink you’ll want to enjoy after dinner.
The package is designed with Little My and Nyoronyoro along with a pot for boiling water.

[Image 6d114342-6-4cdef315d926898802dd-5.png&s3=114342-6-6ac2db2aa593a112831ad96fb53d93b8-1126x1125.png
■ 6 included filters
Because it has a filter, even those who do not have equipment can easily enjoy regular coffee.
The Moomins are designed, and the time to brew coffee will be gorgeous.

About “Moomin” x “CAFE@HOME” collaboration
In Scandinavia, where the story of Moomin was born, there is a culture called FIKA, where people enjoy spending time with family, friends, and co-workers while drinking coffee and eating baked goods. At COFFEE STYLE UCC, with this FIKA as the theme, we want to provide a moment where you can enjoy coffee according to the food and scene, and in February 2020, we will launch the “CAFE@HOME Moomin Series”, which has products designed with the friends of Moominvalley. It was released in 2010 and has been well received since then.
“CAFE@HOME” sales stores and EC sites
“CAFE@HOME” products will be sold at three “COFFEE STYLE UCC” stores (Yokohama store, Atré Kichijoji store, Gransta Tokyo store), limited-time shops (Gotanda Tokyu Square, Lumine Tachikawa), and COFFEE STYLE UCC online shop. available for purchase.
Sales store
[Image 7d114342-6-0b8072e5e22c2a6c7cf0-6.jpg&s3=114342-6-06e5675dcb10f9f6155fbce02b1e179c-895x672.jpg
1-5-1 Minamisaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture Shinsotetsu Building (Joinus) Basement 1F
TEL: 045-534-5613

[Image 8d114342-6-ddcb2a09a2ad71db13a1-7.jpg&s3=114342-6-afd2281cfe2d336090aee3135ef180f9-685x514.jpg
1-1-24 Kichijojiminamimachi, Musashino-shi, Tokyo Atre Kichijoji Main Building 1F
Phone: 0422-27-2895

[Image 9d114342-6-96c5a37fdb0e5a84b011-8.jpg&s3=114342-6-f3d519801fcad60697b3f47b7c9fdfc8-2273x1752.jpg
1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo JR East Tokyo Station B1 TEL: 03-6810-0200
Limited time shop
Gotanda Tokyu Square
Period: April 28th (Friday) to May 25th (Thursday)
Lumine Tachikawa
Period: May 2 (Tuesday) to June 29 (Thursday)
*Please check the official Instagram account for the business hours of each shop.
Official account URL: COFFEE STYLE UCC online shop
Official online shop

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