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Corresponds to the civil court document electronic submission system (mints)! Member management function added to digital case record “Bengou Kakumei” that facilitates the work of lawyers

Rsystem Co., Ltd.
Corresponds to the civil court document electronic submission system (mints)! Member management function added to digital case record “Bengou Kakumei” that facilitates the work of lawyers

Rsystem Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, President: Ryonobu Yamamoto) has started offering a new function “member management function” of the digital case record “Defense Revolution” created for lawyers. . (Details: [Image 1

■ What is the member management function of “Benko Kakumei”? “Bengou Kakumei” is a hot topic that can greatly improve the productivity of lawyers’ work by making it possible to freely use PDF documents.
As the use of IT in civil courts progresses, it is expected that the electronic submission system for civil court documents (mints) will be trialed nationwide in 2023. The day when “paper disappears from the legal profession” is approaching.
“Defense Revolution” is a powerful companion for working with data. In areas where mints is being trialed from 2022, there was also an impression that the compatibility of “mints x defense revolution” is the best. (Click here for feedback
Under such circumstances, there is an increasing number of voices saying that they would like to use “Bengou Kakumei” for the entire firm instead of individually introducing “Benko Kakumei” to individual lawyers. Therefore, “Bengou Kakumei” has released a new “member management function” in order to manage accounts as an office and share settings.
The Member Management feature lets you add clerks and lawyers from the same firm as team members, apply common security settings, and consolidate payments. It is now possible to issue a “clerk account”, which was not possible before. It is a function equivalent to the so-called “business version” or “organization version”.
■Don’t interrupt your thoughts! What is the “Defense Revolution” that increases intellectual creation and productivity?
[Image 2

“Bengou Kakumei” is a digital case record database created by lawyers for lawyers. By scanning documents and saving them in Bengo Kakumei, full-text search and sorting can be freely performed, and even documents with more than 10,000 documents can be operated lightly. Break through the limit of folder management where full-text search is inconvenient. You can check the target document in 3 seconds from “I want to see that”, and you can display a list of 5 lines before and after the keyword with “Skewered full-text search”.
[Image 3

Documents can be centralized digitally, so there is no need to share documents or bring back large amounts of paper. It greatly reduces the time and effort of accompanying work such as searching for paper-based materials that interrupt thinking and contacting and confirming “Who has the document now?”
This greatly increases intellectual creativity and productivity. That is the “Defense Revolution”.
■ What is the electronic submission system for civil court documents (mints)? ”mints is a system for submitting court documents online based on the current Civil Procedure Law Article 132-10. It is a document that is permitted to be submitted by facsimile according to the paragraph. Mints can be used in cases where both parties have litigation attorneys and both litigation attorneys wish to use mints.
”(Reference:, ■Civil court documents electronic submission system (mints) x Defense revolution dramatically reduces workload!
In the judiciary field, the use of IT in trials is progressing, and in 2023, trials of the civil trial document submission system “mints” will begin nationwide. The issue that will emerge in the near future is “what to do with the incident records that have been handled on paper so far.”
“Case record” is a bundle of documents and evidence submitted to the court, and the “techniques” for using paper case records, such as attaching sticky notes and writing, have developed over the years. . Many lawyers still continue to work with paper case records. With the digitization of business approaching, how should we replace paper “incident records”? Can you maintain productivity at work? How do I ensure security?
Developed in 2018, “Defense Revolution” is the only tool that specializes in using data to record incidents. It has received high acclaim as a tool that not only dramatically improves the intellectual productivity of lawyers’ work, but also makes it easy to ensure security.
We interviewed two lawyers in Yamanashi Prefecture, where mints was early tested, about the usability of “mints x Lawyer Revolution” to see how the Lawyer Revolution can be useful in the civil litigation computerization that has finally begun to progress. is this interview article.
[Image 4

Below is a summary of the impressions and contents of the first time I tried the usability of “mints x defense revolution”.
If you don’t have a system for data utilization, only mints’ labor will stand out, and work efficiency will rather decline.
Assuming that the work burden of “conventional paper style” is 1, the work burden of “tada no mints” is about 1.5, and conversely, with “mints x defense revolution”, the work burden is suddenly reduced to 0.3. It will be around 0.5.
Lawyer Revolution is very good at organizing, searching, browsing, etc., so you can do full-scale work with only electronic data. With mints, you need to convert each piece of evidence into a PDF file and give it a file name.
If there is a defense revolution, the system for data utilization will be perfect. The synergistic effect with mints will make your work more efficient.
Written data uploaded by the other party can be neatly organized simply by entering it as it is in the defense revolution.
If you manage it with defense revolution, you can reduce the risk of missubmission and information leakage at mints.
Complete preparation for mints with the addition of a member management function.
Rsystem Co., Ltd. will continue to support practitioners who are preparing for litigation IT.
■ About Rsystem Co., Ltd.
Company name: Rsystem Co., Ltd.
Location: KRP ASTEM Building 8F 8G16, 134 Chudojiminami-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto Representative Director: Ryonobu Yamamoto
Capital: 8 million yen
Established: January 11, 2019
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Rsystem Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Kentaro Hashimoto

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