Craft Beer Fest Kofu to be held in 2023

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Craft Beer Fest Kofu to be held in 2023
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In addition to 8 craft beers, you can drink about 50 brands of German and Belgian beer in front of Kofu station. A summer tradition in the Kofu Basin where you can enjoy local beer and local food!
Event name: Craft Beer Fest Kofu
Venue: Kofu Station North Exit Square (Assist Engineering Yochabare Square) Period: July 28th (Friday) to August 6th (Sunday), 2023
Hours: Weekdays 16:30-21:00 (L.O 20:45), Saturdays and Sundays 11:30-21:00 (L.O 20:45)
Organizer: Local Beer Festival Kofu Executive Committee
Support: Yamanashi Prefecture, Yamanashi Tourism Promotion
Organization, Kofu City, Kofu City Tourism Association
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○ Fujizakura Highland Beer (Fujiyoshida City)
○ Yatsugatake Touchdown Beer (Hokuto City)
○ Outsider Brewing (Kofu City)
○ Far Yeast Brewing (Kosuge Village)
○ Bright Blue Brewing (Fujiyoshida City)
○ First appearance of Obina Brewing (Kofu City)
○ Minoh Beer (Minoh City, Osaka)
○ Tokorozawa Beer (Tokorozawa City, Saitama)
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Local food…
Pizza, Yatsugatake Smoked, Koshu Jidori-yaki, Uma Motsuni, ROCK Curry, Bread de Ice, Kofu Gyoza, etc.
Yamanashi is known for its wine kingdom, but in fact, Kofu has been producing local beer since the Meiji Restoration (first in eastern Japan in 1874, first domestically produced beer in Japan)! Local beer and local gourmet food are gathered in the square in front of the station in such a town. You can understand the deliciousness of Yamanashi at once! It is 10 days when the city is lively.
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This year, you need to purchase an original glass (small or medium) to drink alcohol such as beer! There is no deposit system. You can drink and compare little by little with a medium glass (250ml) or with a small glass (70ml) and a tasting ticket. Moreover, the tasting ticket (1,000 yen for 5) includes a kimono/yukata discount and a student discount (200 yen each! *Student discounts, of course, cannot be purchased by those under the age of 20), so if you are new to craft beer, please try it.
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Advance sales are advantageous for original glass sales! !
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During the period, it will be lively every day. One of the pleasures is to toast with everyone at the venue to the German folk song “Kampai no Uta”. Especially in the second half, Gentle Forest 5 & Gentle Forest Sisters will appear on 8/2 (Wednesday) and 3 (Thursday), and Khachaturian Band will appear on 8/4 (Friday) to 6 (Sunday), a band that is perfect for drinking and chatting. !
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Details will be updated from time to time on the official website, etc.
Fuji, the Southern Alps, Mt. Yatsugatake, and the Chichibu mountain range, the hometown of water nurtured by deep nature, Yamanashi’s local beer and local food will gather in front of Kofu Station in midsummer this year.
Come on, let’s enjoy summer with delicious beer and gourmet food in both hands, drinking and laughing!
Local Beer Festival Kofu Executive Committee Secretariat
(Sannichi YBS Business Bureau) 055-231-3121
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